samedi 17 novembre 2007

another reason to shed tears at omaha beach and old-timey fun

I just remembered why I was susceptible to tears that day. You will not believe how people my generation are sometimes. The Holden Caulfield in me just wants to scream at them, "Are you an idiot?! Why are you doing this; what is wrong with you?"

I'm going to sound so crazy, and I think I am sometimes, I swear to God. [Note: Kuya sent me a message telling me I'm not crazy. Thanks Kuya!] But how can you smile for a photo op in front of a monument for the dead and fallen? It just seems wrong to me. And then, and then, you lean up against it for some artsy, glamour shot. WHAT FOR?! So you can put it on your MySpace? What is wrong with you? Have some respect. Have some decency. These people died to protect and ensure the freedom of others. What have you done for your country? Other than make an ass out of yourself.

I hope the dead come to haunt you while you sleep. If I had died on that shore and my ghost witnessed the display of crudeness you put on today, your ass would definitely be haunted.

I'm so sorry I went off like that. These are the kind of things that get me angry. I'm really a nice, quiet person. But Taylor noticed it too and was actually the first person to say something about it while I just kept these thoughts in my head.

Okay, went to Le Grand Action, a cinema down the street to watch Buster Keaton's The Cameraman with live piano music. It was SO COOL! Firstly, there were loads of people there, so it was a happening place. Secondly, it's Buster Keaton. Come on! He's my favorite silent comedic actors. He's also so handsome! If I was alive around that era, he'd be one of my actor crushes, definitely. Keisha even agreed.

Went into the cinema, and half the audience were children 5-7 years old. No joke. It was such a surprise. They did this film trivia about the silent film era, and I was floored with these kids who knew all about silent film. The most adorable little boy, maybe 5 or 6, next to me answered correctly, and I was just speechless. When I have children, they're watching silent films too. Start them off right. It was my first time seeing this movie, and it was hilarious. Probably not as great as The General though. There's a scene where Buster is in a crowd of people, and he's pushed up against the leading lady. She doesn't notice him at all since they're in a huge crowd and he's behind her. But he just closes his eyes and smells her and falls instantly in love. I love that. So simple. Those were the days.

Afterwards, got a text from Susie that she, Sarah, Nayommee, Steven, and Kristin were eating dinner at St. Michel. Her boyfriend, Andy, was there too and he just came from the States. We had grec sandwiches, and then braved the cold to sit beside the Seine and drink wine. It started raining, so Kristin and I headed home. Good times.

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