mercredi 14 novembre 2007

good grève!

I don't want to be a jerk or anything, but this post title is referencing to Charlie Brown's quote "good grief!". Yeah, sorry, I don't know why I felt like explaining that.

In addition to the metro strike, there's also a school strike at my school that'll last probably for the week. I don't mind the school strike, that means I get sent homework through email to get done whenever. That's fine, especially when it means more time to do whatever I want! Yay! There's just no way I can be the good student that I was in SF here in Paris. There's no possible way. I'm living in Paris for gosh sakes.

It was a lovely day to be walking outside. Cold, crisp, very autumnal. I was walking up my street, the sun at my back, when suddenly everything in front of me was illuminated. Everything brightened at the same time, the intensity of light was twice as much as it was before. Beautiful. I turned around and the sun had just been covered by a cloud and was now shining in all its glory. Great start to my walk.

I was heading over to St. Germain des Près where Susie, Sally, and a whole mess of other people were meeting for a class. Since there was no way to get to my class, I decided to crash their class, Paris à la découvert. Susie, Sally, and Theresa gave a presentation today on St. Germain and Le Jardin du Luxembourg. I also felt like getting out on such a lovely day. The presentation was really cool, and I took pics of a lot of great stuff like leaves:Afterwards, me, Susie, Sarah, and Nayommee went back to my place. Kristin met up with us too. We ate dinner there and watched episodes of "Ready Or Not" this 90s Canadian kids show. Susie got me hooked on this show, it's ridiculous. Good times.

Everyone left to walk home, and I went up the street to watch my landlord play music at this cafe. It was really crowded, and there were a lot of old people. I stayed for one song then left. All in all, a really nice, chill day.

Also updated many photo albums in my Photobucket. Check it!

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