lundi 12 novembre 2007

learning, language amnesia, and American food

Talked to Dad the other day, and he asked me a question that was just totally hilarious to me that it has to be in a movie. I actually wrote it down on paper while we were still talking just so I won't forget it. He asked, "Are you learning anything?"

And I guess it was the tone of his voice that made me laugh because it sounded like he already knew the answer but he wanted to hear it from me. Smiling, I answered, "Yeah, I'm learning loads." Of course, that "loads" can mean anything from "French" to "how to live alone" or "the ritual of tequila shots". But it's true, I am learning a lot. This is "study" abroad after all.

It's so weird how you can speak another language and after the whole experience you ask yourself, "Did that just happen? Did I really converse with this person in another language?" After it happens, I'm just so amazed with myself that it happened. I am in disbelief. Like today, I went to go find out about my stupid package that's been missing forever. Turns out there's a hotline just for these packages. So I call. And it's not like America where you can speak to a Spanish speaking person. Time to test my oral French skills! And on the PHONE, which is the worst thing ever. Anyway, I'm talking to a nice French lady for a couple of minutes explaining myself, giving her tracking numbers and all, and she explains to me what happened which I reiterate back to her so that I can get it straight through my stupid head: the package got sent back to you guys. Great.

Idiot. It's my stupid fault for not checking my mail at Micefa and thus getting my notice to pick up my package late. As a result, I will freeze this winter. No, I won't freeze. I'll just wear all the clothing I currently own which is fine. I'm really sorry guys that this happened. I should've just packed my winter clothes. I'm a jerk.

Argh...In other news, Kristin, Morgan, and I were talking about Thanksgiving. There was some gossip that it might happen at Stephen's place. As of yet I don't really miss any American food. Actually, I kind of miss root beer. But, when I do have the craving of something American, Morgan, Kristin, and Kathy know a place called Breakfast in America, and they apparently serve American food. I looked it up in the interwebs, and it's owned by this filmmaker! Pretty cool. It's nice to know that there is a place in Paris where I can get chili cheese fries, a breakfast burrito, or even good ol' chips and salsa. 'Cuz the salsa here tastes like curry. So I've heard.

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