vendredi 16 novembre 2007


Another free day due to uni strike. Students will vote on Monday whether or not to continue the strike. Us exchange students aren't supposed to get involved because our visas could get taken away and we could be sent home. Anyway, it's not our fight.

Lucia came over and we went to Keisha's to hang out. Then got a texto (slang for "text message") from Susie. She, Taylor, Nayommee, Steven, and Sarah were all going to Breakfast In America. We met up there also with Kathy too. Keisha had a babysitting job to get to and couldn't join us. I got a tasty chocolate milkshake and shared nachos and fries with Susie. A true American meal. I really don't eat that badly, only when I'm in America, haha. Plus it was cheaper.

Then we all hoofed it to Chatelet to see if line 14 was working so that we can head to H&M. That's the computerized line that works normally during strikes. Unfortunately, we were met by this:It was crazy to say the least. No one knew what was going on. Some British girl overheard us speaking English and even asked what the deal was. We all looked at the TV screens set up that showed the status of certain lines. Sometimes the intercom would come on stating the statuses too:"Ligne 7, quasi nul; Ligne 4, quasi nul.." Which means "almost null". It was pretty insane. Like the end of the world. Later on, Sarah was explaining it to her sister on the phone, and I mentioned that it was like Children of Men. Just crowds of confused people wanting the same thing, trying to fend for themselves.

Some of us just went home from there, but Sarah, Susie, Kathy, and I hoofed it to St. Lazare which is 4 long stops away. We got to the H&M and got some cheap tights to wear under our pants because it's getting way cold. I found a cute beanie to wear for the trip to Normandy. And my huge freakish head gets pretty cold too.

Hung out at Sarah's place then took the 14, which wasn't so bad anymore, back to Chatelet then hoofed it home from there. About 30 minutes. Walking home, all I could think about was if this was the end of the world, if I had to fend for myself, right now, what would happen? I didn't have my knife that I usually carry. My phone has a euro left on it. I had my wallet, map, pen, Moleskine, Navigo metro card. I was wearing jeans, tights under that since it was so cold, shirt, long sleeve over that, Carhartt hoodie, beanie, and loafers. It's kind of hard to run in loafers. I would be screwed! But I think I'd be better off than most of the Parisien ladies here. They're all wearing fancy stuff and nice shoes.

H&M stuffs I bought:
1. 2 pair set of black knee highs to wear under pants
2. 2 pairs of black tights
3. 1 pair of thick, gray tights
4. 1 pair of polka-dotted knee highs
5. 1 green beanie
TOTAL: 35 euros. INSANITY! But totally necessary due to the coldness. Plus, H&M is probably as good a deal as I can get right now.

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