mercredi 14 novembre 2007

show your support for the writers

I'm posting this in every corner of the interweb I own. Please read and show your support in every way possible.

I'm far from Hollywood, but not far from strikes. I am living in a land where striking is a national sport. While the writers are striking in LA, here in Paris the metro and our university is on strike. Anyway, I thought it would be appropriate to write about the writers' strike being a hopeful writer for film myself.

Let's be honest. Writers don't get a lot of credit. It's usually the actors or directors. But, for me at least, the glory, the happiness comes from seeing your project realized no matter what size, seeing it translated from words on a paper to sets, costumes, props, dedicated crews, talented actors, and finally your work on the screen. There it is. Just as you wanted it, maybe a few changes, but it's there. It's done. You're getting it out there for people to see, because you want that, you want people to see your work because you're proud, you worked so hard, and, of course, you want to live.

Writers need money to live. They have families. Mortgages. Bills. Obviously, everyone needs money to live, but writers need to get compensated for their work just as authors are paid for every book sold and musicians every song played. Writers need to get paid too. Especially if their work is on the interwebs, being seen by millions of people. Especially if their work is interrupted by ads, also being seen by millions of people. You corporate bad guys. How long did you think that this would go on? Who do you think you're dealing with?

We are the writers. (I am using the collective "we" because in spirit, I feel that I am part of the new generation of film writers, and I can do whatever I want this is my blog.) We create the shows, we write the films, we bring you your money. We are backed by a long, rich history. Face it. We've got Shakespeare on our side, we love Shakespeare, he inspires us. Don't mess with the Bard. And we're backed by our actors and our crews. I hope you have someone on call to light the next reality crap show you're gonna spew out.

And to the scab writers fresh out of college looking to make your next big break: what the hell are you thinking? You think this'll bring you to Hollywood? When the corporates are done with you, you'll be back to the mail room. And, if anyone finds out, and I'm sure someone will, come on, it's Hollywood, you will not be liked. No one likes a scavenger like you looking for a quick buck and the next break in times like these. Have some morals. Some decency. If you were out there, picketing next to the writers of "The Office" and "LOST", you wouldn't like scabs like yourself either.

To learn more, please watch this video:

Also, here's some funny pro-WGA videos:

To learn more, please read: United Hollywood and sign the petition. If you love your films and tv, please show your support.

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