jeudi 22 novembre 2007


Sadly, turkey day is over on my side of the world, and my Dad's probably basting the turkey right about now?

Wanted to do something eventful for the whole day, something with meaning. I wanted to be detached from the fact that I won't be celebrating a major holiday with the fam, but not so far detached that I forget what this day means. I have a lot to be thankful for. I believed that if today goes well, then there's hope for Christmas not being a sad, lonely Bridget Jones-like disaster.

Walked to Hôtel de Ville to meet up with Nayommee. We then went to the Courbet exhibit at Le Grand Palais and met Sarah there. It was an amazing exhibit. When I look at paintings, I'm mostly looking at the composition and where the light source is coming from in the painting. I like seeing what pops out of the picture. It inspires my own ideas for films and certain shots. I really liked Courbet's self portrait, Le Désespéré.
After, got food, then Nayommee and I decided to try Velib! That's the bike rental thing where they have bikes all over Paris that you can ride around in. I LOVED IT! I feel kind of bad for forcing Nayommee to ride with me on the street. I'm used to riding around in the city, especially on the street, so I was cool and was in my bikeriding street mode, but Nayommee got scared of a couple of the buses. We rode around for an hour from Chatelet to Eiffel Tower and then made a u-turn to bike to St. Germain-des-Pres. It was great! Here's a video. Plus, I'm pretty awesome with a camera and on a bike at the same time. I can be your camera operator!:I swear, when I'm on a bike, I can't stop smiling. It's the best thing in the world to me. I love singlespeed bikes too. It's just so simple, and I feel one with the road on a singlespeed. There's no choice involved: if there's a hill, then you have to work harder (depending on the gear ratio), and if it's flat, then you're cool!

Headed over the Steven's for Thanksgiving. There were loads of food, thanks to Nick and Carmen who made mashed potatoes, candied yams, stuffing. I brought roasted chicken. Will and Marie brought turkey! My plate was loaded with things. I'm really thankful to Sarah, Steven and his roommates for setting this up and letting them use their space; to Nick and Carmen for making loads of bomb food; and to everyone else for bringing tasty things. Will post pics later. I'm kind of tired.

Things I'm thankful for:
1. My family: For understanding my reasons to go away and for their support (financial, moral, spiritual, etc.). For not promising to visit me, for making me feel truly alone--and yes I'm really thankful for this. But if you really did visit, I'd be really thankful anyway.
2. My Parisien friends: To my fellow expatriates for giving this self-proclaimed hermit a reason to go out and get a beer or wander this city aimlessly. Specifically, all the San Francisco State crew--I'm really glad I got to know you all better.
3. To MICEFA: For making being a student here easier.
4. To my friends back home: For keeping in touch with me and for dealing with my somewhat detachment from them.
5. To these artists: Buster Keaton, J.D. Salinger, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Jon Brion, and Arcade Fire. For being the moving image in my head and the soundtrack. For all their inspiration and for helping me deal.
6. To Paris: Je t'aime. Parce que je n'habiterai jamais dans un ville comme vous. Jamais.

1. Strikes: Metro and university.
2. The exchange rate.
3. My hair: for its awkward mullet state.

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Romina a dit…

Cool video! I can't believe you tried the Vélib' you're so courageuse!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonyme a dit…

It is nice to hear you laugh and truly enjoying yourself. Sometimes I wonder how you really are doing....I wonder no more. Mom

elaine a dit…

Aw, thanks MOMMY!!!