vendredi 23 novembre 2007

carte de sejour

Went to my physical for my carte de sejour. Wasn't too bad. They weighed me, did my height, took an x-ray of my chest--wait, what? An x-ray of the chestal region? That is correct. I also got to keep it too. Yup, I have an x-ray of my chest. I've always wanted to get an x-ray of my skull and to keep the x-ray. I should just get x-rays of different parts of my body and then arrange them on my wall so it's this life-size x-ray of me on my wall. Awesome. That's my idea!

Haha, that waiting room at the medical place was so hilarious. There were loads of people. Just read this. This really happened.:
Doctor (to a patient): Monsieur, cherchez une place. (Find a place to sit, guy.)
Patient looks around, sort of silent film mode, motions that this place is pretty good, why should he move?
Doctor: C'est une table. (That's a table.)
Rest of waiting room people: HAHAHAH (HAHAHAHA)
Doctor points at an empty seat for the guy.

HI-larious. There was this guy standing in front of me, and I was sitting next to a table, and I said, in French, motioning to the table beside me, "Why don't you sit down?" And we both laughed and got a kick out of that. Met with a nice doctor lady who asked me some questions and looked at my x-ray. Also hilarious. It went like this:
Doctor puts the x-ray to the light and looks at it for 2 seconds: "Impeccable." (Same meaning in English).
Doctor does my blood pressure: "Cent soixante. Impeccable." (100/60. Impeccable.)

Was unbearably happy after getting my carte de sejour and upon learning that I lost 8 pounds just living here. Awesome. Can you imagine if I actually worked out regularly how much weight I would lose? I only do it once a week if at all. Celebrated at my café across the street, Le Saint-Médard. Sat at the bar (it's cheaper) and got a café-crème and tried to remember all the funny things said at Thanksgiving.

Check out the photos about Thanksgiving on the left. I'm too lazy to post some here. Updated the albums. Although here's a funny pic of me on a bike:

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