mardi 20 novembre 2007

I like order in my life. Since moving here, I haven't had that so much...It's kind of funny. But this school strike is really getting Annoying. And neither of us knows what's going on. I only had one teacher who got in contact with me out of 4 of my teachers. Craziness. Down the street, there's a manifestation going on. People are chanting. There's a line of cops just a block away by the Starbucks. I see some smoke too. Tear gas? Can't be. It's definitely not fog. Anyway, I'm not going to find out.

Walked to the Bastille just to see how long it would take. My appointment for my carte de sejour is there on Friday, and I don't want to risk taking a bus if I might be late. It only took around 30 minutes. Not too shabby. Also bought a parka to keep me warm since the winter clothes didn't come and Mom said it was okay. It's Carhartt (again). Black, waterproof, warm, and puffy. I always make a point to get something that I know I can't get in the States.

Finished editing my Normandy travelogue, but my program that compresses videos so that they can be uploaded to sites like YouTube isn't working right. Will figure that out. I have the time. In the meantime, enjoy this work of awesomeness. I have a huge crush on comedic silent actor Buster Keaton, and this guy made a video of clips set to Radiohead songs. It's absolutely amazing. Especially during the second song "Let Down". Enjoy!

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