dimanche 28 octobre 2007

movie night

Typical lazy weekend. Worked on the laptoppy to get film on youtube (see post below). Took the bus to St. Michel to get a thesaurus at Gibert Jeune. I desperately needed it for my homework. I don't even own an English thesaurus. That's how good my English is or (used to be). I've been honing it for 21 years now, come on. Also got a copy of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days. I've been wanting to read it. I love how relatively cheap books are here. It's amazing. It was only 2,28E, which is like 5 bucks. Then walked home along St. Germain. It only took 30 minutes. That's how close I am to St. Michel, Notre Dame, and the Seine. 30 minute walk. Fabulous. I love it. Back in SF it took me around the same time to bike from home to school. Now that I look at those trips, side by side, going back to SF is going to be rough. 30 minutes to SFSU or 30 minutes to Notre Dame--which trip is more amazing?

While at St. Michel, got a text message from Kristin. Movie night at Kathy's. She lives in the 16eme, living as an au pair. She quit her job though since the kids were too much. Anyway, the fam was out of town for the weekend, so she invited us over. We all went to Monoprix, got pizzas, chocolate, Vienneta (ice cream dessert that you slice like a cake), alcohol, and soda (for me!). We ate in their kitchen, and Kathy showed me around.

I swear, this family is stinkin' rich. When Kathy showed me their living room, I swear that room alone was as big as the whole first floor of my parents' house. I was astounded. The dad hunts, so he has all these dead, stuffed birds hanging on the walls. Literally hanging by their legs. And there's like a family of deer heads in the closet.They also have a freaking projector to watch their tv and dvds and surround system. We tried to work it, but the volume wasn't working. It totally sucked, but oh well. I couldn't believe it. I mean, if you can afford this stuff, you can afford to take care of it. They also had foosball, but Kathy said the kids don't like playing it!

We couldn't get through the movie (Notting Hill) as we watched it on Kathy's laptoppy. We just kept making fun of how ridiculous it was. So we all went out to find a tabac to get cigarettes (not for me). Came back and just talked for a while. Found out that one of my friends hates it here. I feel her, and I feel like the lesser version of her. I mean, there's a lot of things that make this place amazing, but I miss the simplicity of living in America. It's just easier, and not because of the language. I know that, when I get back, everything'll be "easier", living-wise. There won't be anything worth complaining about since I can say, "Wow, I shouldn't be complaining. Living in Paris was more difficult compared to this." But no more complaining. I live in the most amazing city, and difficulties come with living here. It's a learning process.

Went to Church early--I forgot about Daylight Savings!!! I love the fall back. It feels like I've gained an hour. Lucia called and wanted to go to Ikea. Great idea since Ikea is in zone 4, and I can travel to up to zone 5 on weekends with my carte imagine R (my student metro card). Bought some stuffs I needed for the place: cooking pan, cutting board, closet organizer thingy, and scented candles.

We were going around, looking at all the demos, and it got me really excited for when I have my own home back in California and what I'd like it to be like. I don't want it to look like some college dorm or the "after college apartment". I feel like I've sped past that phase, like it's already over. When I was a kid, I used to peruse the Ikea catalog looking at what I'd want in my future house. It felt just like that, except the future felt much more closer, much more real. On the train ride back, since it was the RER (think SF's Bart), I brought up to Lucia how weird it is to be on this train since I took this same train route going towards Paris when I first arrived here. And, looking back, even though it was 2 months ago, I feel like I'm looking back at some kid. Things have changed so fast. It's crazy.

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