vendredi 2 novembre 2007

nothing important happened today.

Across the street, van after van parked in front of the church. Several men, in black suits, went to the back of the van, and they pulled out a shiny, black coffin out of it. I watched as a procession of women wearing black knee-length wool coats, arms holding one another, walk into the church. They were not crying.

My landlord came by to pick up the rent. He brought me some more prune jam. I didn't even finish the other large jar of prune jam he gave me. I tossed it anyway since I'm not quite sure what the shelf life of prune jam is anyway. I spent way too much on food last month: 276E. That's 100E more than what I spent last time. Not good. Will try harder not to spend so much on food. Maybe less eating out with friends, but that can in turn really hurt my social life. I cooked a delicious omelette with mushrooms, and my landlord could smell my cooking, and he said it smelled good. To have a French person compliment even the smell of my own cooked food made me blush with gratitude.

Wore hair down again. Realized that on the metro suicide day that that was the first day I ever really wore my hair down because I felt that it was long enough, and I was comfortable. Also favorite skirt is loose. Must be all the walking and all the fresh vegetables I've been consuming from the market guys.

Mailed some postcards. Did some homework. Cleaned. Pondered my existence. Read. Tried to figure out if I'm really depressed or if I'm just faking it so that I can write about it. Took a nap. Went out to get a baguette but didn't have enough change in my pocket since I didn't bring my purse. Thought about the future. Walked the long way back home and stared at the scooters at the scooter shop. Had tea. Decided to try hard to not be sad and miserable.

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