samedi 5 janvier 2008

tummy ache

Woke up and worked out for what seems like the first time ever. What followed was the most horrible tummy ache that I have ever had. Blurg. Had two cups of tea to make it go away, but it only made it worse. Felt like going back to the good old days, so I started watching episodes of "Batman: The Animated Series". So good and cinematic. I'm starting to get into Batman, after watching The Dark Knight trailer. Been going on Wikipedia and reading about all the characters and story arcs.

Didn't feel like eating lunch (only more tea) but forced myself, and it only made it go away slightly. Went out to buy more tea and also stopped by the kind grocers to stock up on veggies and fruits. This time, carrots, zucchinis, clementines, and bananas. Almost 7 euros. I like the carrots here. They're sort of sweeter than the ones in the States. One more cup of tea and clementine later, I felt better. Maybe my body is taking revenge on this new fangled diet and exercise thing.

Was up late last night reading Why We Write, a blog started by writers in TV and film. Each essay is written by a writer on why he/she writes. It's pretty cool. They were accepting submissions, so I wrote my own. It felt good to write it, I don't even care if they publish it or not. But it would be cool.

Going out tonight for Kristin's birthday. She'll be 21. Turning 21 feels uneventful here since you can pretty much drink as long as you look 16. But I have a feeling her birthday will be pretty eventful.