lundi 31 décembre 2007

New Year's Resolutions

1. Do more: Read more books, the news, see different movies. Listen to different musics (totally unrelated, but Modest Mouse in nice to listen to coupled with the winter setting here. "Neverending Math Equation" is perfect for going down my street. And Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" is good for walking up it, but you have to start from the door of my building. Try it! And do it when the vendors are out and it's sunny). Go to more museums. Learn more.

2. Try harder: No brainer. In school, in my own personal projects.

3. See at least one other European city: I'm going to London, yes, but I have to see at least one more European city even if it's only for a weekend. I will scrimp and save. No more pints of framboise or Monaco on random days! Leader Price brand--that's the generic brand they have here for foods--only!

4. Lose weight/gain muscle: The reason has stopped being "to look good for my brother's wedding". It's not just that, and it's not a beauty thing. I used to be pretty big in high school, but I lost a lot in college, and I am 14 pounds away from being my lowest weight which I achieved my sophomore year. And just remembering how I used to be when I was there...I felt invincible. I was taking kung fu and jogging, and people would ask me to open their pasta jars, and I ate less (and saved money), and I'd take the 12 flights to my apartment and beat the elevator that my roommate would be in (no joke!) and I felt strong like I can beat anyone up, even guys, and I was in my own personal fight club without the cuts and bruises but only the pain of my muscles getting stronger, and I felt so alive and energetic and full and in tune with my body, and I want to be back there again. And I want my physician Dr. Hur to be proud of me when she looks over my health records, and I want the girls who made fun of me back in high school to be jealous at our high school reunion. Okay, I'm gonna stop before this gets longer. 14 pounds...I can do it!

I think that's a decent list. Sorry I went overboard on number 4. Yikes. Happy New Year's everyone! Don't know what my plan is tonight. Will probably just hang out with my friends, and we'll see where the night takes us. All I know is that we want to be out for the countdown. Yeah!