vendredi 11 janvier 2008

there's hope for you yet, young one.

Still feeling crappy, but it's going away. Almost wished it wasn't going away so quickly because I like it when my voice is sort of phlegmy. It just sounds more serious. But, I do get to use the excuse, "I'm not feeling well" when my friends ask me if I want to come out and play. Oh how lucky I am to have friends here, to have people who want to hang out with me, who call me up to get something to eat or drink, who invite me on their outings. I am probably the most closed-off person you would ever meet. I'm kind of French that way. We can't share the same fondness for hot chocolate and then expect to be chummy. You and I, we have to share something together, something deeper. With me and my friends, it's this year abroad.

Went to class and sat with some girls I knew. One of them is going back to the states. Somehow, we started talking about how our level of French is and how long we've been studying. When I told them I was studying for 2 years, they were astonished. Especially since the professor just handed me back my paper and said it was very good. That made me feel good. Especially since these girls have been studying for all of high school, and I pretty much started in college. I had one year of beginner's French in high school, but that doesn't really count, that class was sort of a joke.

Still, it made me feel better. And I'm all for finding some sort of happiness anywhere. This YouTube video featuring "Arrested Development's" Michael Cera has also been making me laugh. I hope to work with guys as funny as them:

Wore my new kickass boots to school. I feel so powerful and kickass in them, I love it. I got a couple of looks in the metro from puny businessmen who eyed my kickass boots and then looked at me, and I gave them this "yeah, I'll kick your ass, no problem" kind of look, and they went back to their crossword puzzles. These boots are so rugged, I love it.