mardi 8 janvier 2008

everyone needs to be on an island at some point in their lives...

Last day of class for my Tuesday class. That Tuesdays! Thank you God. After class, me, Susie, and her bf Andy who's here for vacation, went to the Basilica at St. Denis. They entomb their kings and queens there. We saw the tombs of Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, Henry II, Catherine Medicis, among many more. It was cold inside, but beautiful. Didn't bring the camera.

It can be weird being the third wheel when you're with a couple, but it's fun to observe how couples are. You can see this connection between two people that no one will ever be a part of because it's theirs and no one else's. The inside jokes, the stories they know but have to explain to others, the little tiffs that end in both of them being right somehow. It's absolutely beautiful.

Bought tickets to The Big Lebowski for next week. Will get the "Carte Cine Passion" this week too. It's for those under 26 yrs. old, and it costs only 2euros. With it, each movie ticket is only 3 euros!! Totally amazing. Wish America did that. And they're showing Pee Wee's Big Adventure this week! AWESOME! I love my cinema.

Went home, had toast while watching "Lost", and, I swear, biting into that little crunchy square was heaven. I haven't had toast since America, but I just recently bought sliced bread when I found out how cheap it was--49 centimes! Anyway, good episode, but it was pretty much filler. Hurley finds an old VW van that they fix, but you should have seen the look on their faces when they got it running. Sheer happiness. If only I can be on an island and have something missing in my life so that I can experience that level of euphoria if and when I get it again. Oh wait. I am doing that.

Everyone should be on an island at some point in their lives. Deprivation. Limitation. To finally see what it's really worth to you. To finally see what you never needed. We buy things and then we realize they have standards. "I can't wear these shoes with that dress." "This skirt only goes with these two shirts." And our homes are crowded with things we don't need but bought to impress. No more of that, I'm learning my lesson. Oh how I've come to love the island and the insight it's given me.