mercredi 7 novembre 2007

proust questions

We're doing the Proust questions in my conversation class. If you're not familiar with this questionnaire, you can read about it here. It's cool to do them at a certain point in your life, keep the answers safe for a couple of years, then do it again and compare your present and past answers. I actually did them when I was 20, and the answers are in my journal back home. I was planning to do them when I turn 28--my favorite number and the age of that defines everything for me. If I'm not happy or successful by 28, then there's no hope (sarcasm). You should do the Proust questions too!

We wrote down the questions first, and we're supposed to submit our answers next week. While writing down the questions in class, I started answering them. I looked at them after I came home, and I freaking flipped out! My answers kind of scared me.

Favorite hero in fiction: Tyler Durden from Fight Club or Holden Caulfield.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Bridget Jones.

Interesting. Tyler Durden is the BAD GUY! Or at least, he is the anti-hero. He's supposed to symbolize the narrator's "repressed masculinity". I read that on Wiki. I admire his stand against consumerism. I also admire his freaking hot body, as portrayed by Brad Pitt. If I was a guy, I'd like to get into a fight at least once. Just to see how I would do. Ah! Sorry for this stream of consciousness writing! Anyway, that's a weird hero for me to pick, and I only saw the movie. And Holden Caulfield? He was crazy. I guess he's my hero because he sees how ridiculous and sad the world is* but doesn't quite know how to handle his frustration. At least he didn't kill himself. I find that heroic.

Ah..Bridget Jones. That kind of explains itself, and that answer doesn't scare me. She's everywoman. It would have been much cooler if I had a more "educated" answer like Jane Eyre. On second thought...I kind of like my Proust answers. They really say a lot about me and where I am right now.

Also, made an American friend, Elly, in class today. She's cool and with Micefa as well. We talked in the metro, and we kind of have a lot in common when it comes to our thoughts about Paris. It was pretty cool to not feel alone in that aspect.

*Remember the graffitied "Fuck You" at his sister's school? And how he tried to rub it out, but was afraid some teacher would catch him and think that he did it? One of my favorite dilemmas in fiction.

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