jeudi 8 novembre 2007

bars, I'm popular!, and 21 in Paris

I love my neighborhood bar. I really do. I love our bartender, David. Pronounced "dah-veed". He's funny, speaks English with a lovely French accent ('cuz he's French of course!), and he's nice. He's not a jerk at all. Even when we're being loud and "American" with our English speaking. It's nice. He was holding this big phone, and Morgan goes, "I like your phone. It's big." And he just shot her this come-hither look while he held his phone and said, "Thank you." And everyone just cracked up! Oh, euphemisms. Any language would be less funny without you.

Anyway, he's CUTE for a Frenchman! Even though he's probably like 30. I can say a 30 year old is cute, it's my blog, I can write whatever I want! He's tall and lanky, but doesn't have a classical looking face. I think I wrote this before, but he kind of looks like Ed from the tv show "Ed". If Ed was French, that is.

I was sitting with my friends at the bar, and I'm right in front of where he fills the glasses, and at one point he was looking at me while he was filling the glasses, and I just looked at him, and then Morgan goes, "Ah! He's in love with you Elaine!!" or something like that. It was so embarrassing!! I was just, "What?!" He was mostly talking to Morgan, Kathy, Kristin, Suzie, and Nayommee for most of the night, so I wasn't sure what was going on. But it was one of those embarrassing moments that aren't that really embarrassing, you just want to look embarrassed, but you really secretly liked it. Yeah, one of those moments.

I was talking to Sarah, and she said she and Steven were talking about my blog the other night! I was most surprised. Thanks for reading guys! She was talking about getting back into writing to record what she's been up to and just go from there. Totally go for it! Just write what you did and see where it takes you! Man, that was so cheesy, that last sentence right there, I apologize. But, yeah, writing's fun.

Anyway, the fame is nice. People seem to really like my posts. From my aunt in Toronto to my brother back at home. My counter has been on the rise lately!!! I like to analyze the hits too. I get visitors from all over the world! Mostly U.S. and France. Just got some recently from New Zealand and Singapore! It's super cool! I just want to thank you guys for reading, and I hope you're enjoying my blog!

Today's Lucia's birthday, and we're gonna go all out to celebrate. Or stay in at her place to celebrate. She's 21!!! Either way, it's gonna be fun! My class tomorrow's in the afternoon, so I can sleep in. Yay!

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