vendredi 9 novembre 2007

clothes and a casting call

It's getting kind of cold. I thought I'd be able to handle it with my warm, cozy Carhartt jacket, but even then that's not enough! My wool jacket that I already have is falling apart from being worn every day too. Back in SF, I only wore it at night. I've given up hope on my clothes that were sent here. It's been more than a month, and I haven't been contacted about it. What the heck. I went to the post office about it, and they said they would contact me, but they haven't. It really pisses me off that my parents went through all that trouble to pay for that package, and all those great winter clothes I bought, and it's all just gone. My Michael Kors wool coat, my North Face jacket, even this awesome button down shirt that my Mom had worn back in the day. And in true Tyler Durden anti-consumerist fashion as well as the Buddhist teaching of detachment from all things, it's gone. It sucks, but at the same time, it's sort of a blessing.

1. Not having these clothes means less stuff to take home
2. I'm a different size now than what I used to be when I wore those clothes
3. I'm learning to be more minimalist with my lack of clothes which are pretty basic as best.

I don't underestimate the power of a closet full of basic clothes. Like a short or long wool coat. Or a pair of dark jeans. Or a regular black hoodie. Basics are good because they go with everything and don't go out of style. But man, these Parisienne girls seem to have all the basics down. I'm kind of sick of seeing the same basic clothes over and over again. I mean, they dress well, but they all look the same. Add something different girls! Show some color. I kind of miss the eccentricity and originality of clothes that I often see in SF.

What every Parisien girl seems to have:
1. Tights: Black, patterned, colored. Worn with ballet flats or boots.
2. Boots: Tall, short, with heel, or flat. Definitely leather or leather looking.
3. Trench coat: Khaki or black. This kind of goes without saying.
4. Longchamps purse: Seriously.
5. Tight jeans. Tight pants in general: Worn tucked under the boots.
6. Leather bomber jacket: This, even though I see it a lot, I kind of actually like. It goes with everything. Dress it up, dress it down.
7. Converses: I love Cons, and so do the Parisiens. Everyone wears them from guys in their mid-forties to little toddlers.
8. Wool coat: Either pea coat or trench, wool coats keep these people warm.

Keisha forwarded me an ad for a casting call in Paris. She told me about it at the party and thought I should do it. They need native English speakers for some small roles for a film called "Espion" ("spy"). They don't even ask for people with experience. I told her that I'm not into acting, and she said, "So? This is Paris. And you're always on the other side of the camera. Try being in front of it. Get some perspective." A true lady of wisdom. I signed up for an acting class at SFSU once. I figured that it would help me with directing films to know what the actors have to go through. But most of the people were very theatrical, I couldn't handle it. And it didn't work with my schedule. The thing with the camera is that you don't have to go big with a camera. You can be subtle, and the camera will catch it. With theatre, you gotta go big so that the people in the back can see you.

It'd be nice to be on set again, but I don't know.

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Kristin a dit…

Hi Elaine!! Just reading through your blog, I love it. And I just wanted to say screw the Longchamps bags!! They are so ugly, unless they are the leather ones. I'm so sick of seeing that same one in every color floating around!

elaine a dit…

yeah, screw those bags! thanks for stopping by!