mardi 6 novembre 2007


So, the thing went okay. It was weird talking in front of a lot of people in another language. I have problems talking to a crowd in English! I'm just more comfortable writing or listening. I really should try harder, but it just sucks when you don't feel confident with another language. In my group, I really try to explain things and talk in French, but when people don't understand or don't care about what you have to say, it's really disheartening. Anyway, it's over with, no more group projects for that class!

Afterwards, Suzie, who's in my class, went home with me since she's never seen my place. We got some awesome falafel sandwiches up my street. Kristin joined us, and we went back to my place to chill and watch videos on YouTube. Then we went to the Mayflower to get some framboise. We were lucky; we got there before the crowds came. It was so cool that the bartender remembered my drink! He was all, "Framboise?" Hee hee. He's a short, dorky looking kid with glasses.

Suzie, Kristin, and I talked for a while mostly about school and traveling. Suzie mentioned that there's this barrier when you live here and then you go to travel. If you don't speak the language of the country you're visiting, you're not really experiencing it. You're just another tourist. She likened going to Amsterdam for a weekend when you're studying in Paris to like going to school in CA and then going to Chico for a weekend to party. It was a very good analogy.

We also talked about how fast things are happening. I mean, we're almost a week into November! It's crazy. It's nice when I'm sad and missing things to think, "It's okay, it's going by so fast, I'll be home soon." But when I'm super happy and super loving it here I'm thinking, "Oh my God, I can't believe this is going to be over soon! I'm not doing enough." It's weird being at both ends of the spectrum sometimes. Right now, I love where I am. I don't regret anything I've done. Coming to Paris has made me see what means most to me, what I really care about.

Apart from my regular homeworks and studying, I'm working on a mockumentary for my brother and his fiancee. I'll be showing it at their wedding, and it's my wedding present for them. So I can't talk much about it here, 'cuz he reads this, but all I'm going to say is that so far, it's, as Suzie would say, "bomb". It's probably one of the most funnest things I've ever had the pleasure writing, and I can't wait to film it. I'm setting up interviews with 10+ people. It's going to be my largest production ever and my first "mockumentary". So, I'm happy.

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