dimanche 25 novembre 2007


I don't really like pictures of myself--hence the love of filmmaking and being behind the camera, but, as Susie had put it when she saw this photo, I look "badass". And I can't agree more. I call it my "bourne identity" photo because it reminds me of that scene when Matt Damon's looking at all his passports, and they all have the same photo of him. He doesn't necessarily look badass in those photos, but his character totally is. Anyway, this is my photo for my Carte de Sejour. I think living in Paris has made me feel more badass just because when you walk down the street looking tough and serious and not smiling like a goof, people don't mess with you. As long as I'm in Paris, you have to earn a smile from me. It isn't that hard. When I go back to the States, I'll start smiling like a goof again.

Had a falafel in the park with Nayommee, and a freaking pigeon tried to snatch my fries and actually perched on my knee. MY KNEE! So sick. I was just stunned, didn't make a scene or anything, just kicked my leg up to get rid of him. Sick. We went to the cemetery at Montmartre and found Truffaut's grave. Then sat at a bench in the middle of the cemetery. Wish our cemeteries were so cool that we could walk around in them like parks and just sit on benches in front of graves. We sat for a while and thought of things to do in Paris before we leave. Nayommee has this list of stuff on a postcard. She crosses out things when she finishes them. She had an extra postcard with her, so I started writing down things I want to do.

We decided to cross out something on both our lists afterwards: Les Deux Magots. It's a famous and historical cafe in the Quartier Latin. Hemingway and Sartre were regulars. We sat outside under the heaters and both ordered hot chocolate. So good. Rich and creamy. Even though this place was a touristy place, I thought we were treated very well, almost like we were French in fact! Nayo ordered in French, of course. Just goes to show what good it does to speak the language of the country you're in. We got water with our drinks, and this couple next to us, who got coffee, didn't get any water. They were speaking English. And the girl who sat next to me kept complaining how she wanted water. Because the hot chocolate was so rich, I couldn't help but drink a sip of water after every sip of chocolate just to clear my throat of chocolatey-ness. She was probably annoyed.

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