jeudi 29 novembre 2007

second chances

Watched Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation today for the second time in a long time. When I first watched it, I didn't think it was that great. I thought everyone just hyped it up too much. But being in a sort of parallel situation as Scarlett Johansson--kind of lost in a foreign country--it seemed fitting to watch it, to give it another chance. And I liked it. I really did. Well done, Miss Coppola.

And it's funny, because I haven't thought about it in a long time, but I have had something similar happen to me before. Meeting some stranger that had an effect on me. I was on a plane going home for Thanksgiving, and the most amazing man sat in my row, and we talked the whole flight. It's a long story, which I will recount
(NOTE: This is the original journal entry from that night I met him). If you don't care to read it, just continue reading here.

He was 31, and I was 19. He was funny, passionate about his work, and handsome. Just a whole lot of qualities I look for. But he had a fiancée and was getting married that week. And this guy...he was just so bright eyed and so in love, it was beautiful. Anyway, we bid goodbye at baggage claim, and we sort of hugged. I actually held my hand out to shake his, but he ignored it and half-hugged me since he was carrying a lot of baggage. It was so nice, it could make you cry. I think I did cry a little bit when I left him. Anyway, Lost In Translation made me think about that plane ride.

Went to the Montparnasse cemetery today since class was cancelled. I just have this thing for cemeteries. I was sitting down on a bench in the cemetery looking at the map of the cemetery when this lovely old French lady asked me, in French, where we were. I helped her out with her map, and then we ended up talking for 45 minutes! It was amazing. It seems that the only French friends and acquaintances I might be making are senior citizens. At least they're more forgiving of my French. She knew some English. We talked about school, Paris, French grammar rules, French verb constructions, and French to English translations of common phrases. She was actually visiting Paris, she lives outside of Paris. She was really sweet. We walked around the cemetery together, and then we both decided to leave once it started to rain and get really cold. She bisoued me and said, "Bon courage!" (Good luck)

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