mardi 27 novembre 2007


In a way it makes sense, it makes absolutely effing sense that the semester I lose interest in learning French is the semester that my uni goes on strike.

Fate. Destiny. Vacation. So far, I've received emails on assignments to do at home, on my own time. That's fine with me. It's an absolute waste of my time to trek all the way out to the uni, find that the building is blocked off, class is canceled, and then go home. I could be sitting at a park, reading, writing, or visiting an art museum.

Met up with Susie after the trek to St. Denis. We went to Printemps, a department store much like Macy's at Union Square in San Francisco. We looked at all this ridiculous expensive brand clothing. Had lunch then hung out at Melissa's place who lives in the St. Michel area. Had a beer at Shywawa. Will post pics up later.

Had fast food today. Quick Burger. It's a fast food chain. Had the fish sandwich, fries, and a Coke. It was good at the time, but right after I felt sort of sick. Not like sick to the stomach, just like, "Man, no more fast food." I'm okay eating grec sandwiches and fries, but when two out of the three items in the meal (the fish and the fries) are deep more. I'm done. I just felt really gross afterwards. It's like when you eat fish and chips, and it's so good, but you feel just nasty right after. I guess it's because at home I've been eating more healthily, and my tummy's gotten used to it. But I still like grec sandwiches. That's the only time I eat meat.

To do:
1. Start studying for a my exam next week (boo)
2. Start assignments: presentation on the university strike. Look for a French song to present.
3. Organize photos.
4. Organize laptoppy.

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