lundi 26 novembre 2007

there's nothing like a care package.

I got the package Mom, thanks! Gosh, there's nothing like a care package. It's almost as good as getting letters. It's just so personal, and I love thinking about the route my package traveled and cheesy stuff like that. It's like when you're watching "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood", and they show a segment on peanut butter factories and you see it being made to it being packaged. Here's what was in it:

1. North face down jacket that I bought in Berkeley: Got this for a deal at the outlet store. 50 dollars. Yeah!
2. 6 pairs of tights: Thanks Mom! I only wanted two pairs at the most!
3. 3 pairs of socks.
4. 3 hats: When Derek saw my hats he said, "Your Mom sent you hats?" It's not just hats! He tried one on, it was hilarious. I have a warm beret (featured in the "about a girl" section of this blog), my Holden Caulfield hat, and grey newsboy cap.

Thanks again fam!

After class, went to Centre Pompidou to meet with Nayo and Melissa. We had coffee at the Café Beaubourg. Pretty swanky café. Loved it. I love cafés now. I just love the idea of sitting down somewhere for an hour or so to talk and drink coffee and people watch. Or just sitting at the bar by myself sipping coffee and writing in my Moleskine. I'm done with Starbucks and getting coffee to go. That's over with.

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Mom a dit…

Hi, Elaine,
You should see the package that came back. We sent it in a rectangular box and it came back rounded with a lot of tapes. I didn't even recognized it. Dad said, what can you expect it went to Paris and back. Kuya said, how lucky...meaning the box.