mercredi 17 octobre 2007

okay, i'm better again

Written 16 Oct. 2007.

The thing with feeling crappy and angry and sad is that, much later, you're feeling better again. And you wonder why you felt that way and why you made such a big deal and why you thought that was going to last forever. Because sometimes it doesn't. But when it does--because sometimes it does--then that's real depression. And that demands serious help. But I'm not depressed. It's not depression when you're feeling good again.

It's almost midnight, and I just got home from the most wonderful French dinner with the MICEFA and IP crew. Sadly, didn't have my camera so I couldn't take pics of my mille feuilles au saumon fumee, puree de pommes de terre, tarte aux pommes. We talked about wine, food, boys, the French language. It was lovely. It was amazing. The cute waiter had the most adorable smile and said "bon appetit!" to me.

Oh, this city. One minute your day is cloudy, looking like rain, and the next the sunshine peaks through and a lovely French guy says "bon appetit" to you. It is that chaotic in this city. It's been almost two months since I've been here, and you can see how I've changed in my posts. I've changed more here in two months than in the 3 years I've spent in San Francisco, no joke. I can't even begin to comprehend this, I can't. I once asked Lucia if, when we return, if we're going to go back to our old ways, and she said that will definitely be changed but that we'll sort of go back a little.

Okay, well, will post this tomorrow and add more stuff...

Good day today. Went to the top of Notre Dame and took some amazing photos with Liz and Lily. It only cost 4.80 euros. That's the tarif reduit pour people under 26. Another great reason to travel while you're young--things are cheaper. Then got a sandwich--we actually saw a Subway from the top of Notre Dame, and it looked really shady. But no, if I want Subway, I'll get in the states. But dang, the grec pita sandwiches here are heaven. Then we got ice cream. Also heaven here. Yum. Sorry, forgot to take photos again of my tasty food.

No class tomorrow since there's a metro strike! Yay! Don't know what I'll do, probably study a bit.

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