dimanche 14 octobre 2007

another san francisco moment and feeling more adult

Yup, had another San Francisco moment apart from the m.c. Liz, Lucia, and Siobhan (also in IP, but this is my first time hanging out with her) found a Korean restaurant in 2eme. A little hole in the wall that serves amazing soup and potstickers (called "raviolis" here). And it was cheap too! Back in SF, it always felt good to find a really great restaurant and to frequent it. It made me feel like a real citizen, a true habitant. And there weren't any tourists eating there either.

Met with Katia at la brasserie Le Cardinal also in 2eme before dinner to get a cafe. I had their cafe viennois, which was excellent, but pricey. We talked (en francais!) about our classes, and we helped Keisha by staging a fake French interview with her. She has an interview tomorrow with Louis Vuitton, and we're all hoping she gets it. Katia interviewed her, while we played her "collegues" who are also interviewing her. It was very useful, even though I'm not going to get interviewed for a job here, just going through stuff like that that I know I'll do in the future. It felt really adult just to sit in a cafe and talk about important stuff like that.

What also made everything more "adult" was that I was dressed pretty nice today. Nicer than usual. I mean, I used to go to church in jeans and a hoodie, but today, I wore an olive dress over black tights and a black cardigan and red, pointy flats. I also had a red purse that goes with the flats. I looked damn good today, I think! It really boosts your confidence to dress nice, and I've never appreciated it until now. And it felt comfortable, you know? I wore this whole outfit the whole day! I mean, I still need to break in the flats, but I felt comfortable and at ease in what I was wearing. And I know that, when I get back to the states, I might be out of place a little bit or that everyone's going to see how different I've become, but I don't really care. I'm so happy with the way I've changed, I don't want to revert back to my old lifestyle. I want to keep this up.

And it wasn't just me. Lucia, Liz, Romina, Siobhan, Katia (but of course, she's French)--we all looked really great today. And I must mention that everyone except me dresses really well regularly. And we all looked great together, no joke. Like Parisiennes, like adults. Notice that I didn't name Keisha, because she always looks great. When we arrived at the cafe, even Keisha was surprised! I think more so at me because I never dress up.

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