vendredi 19 octobre 2007


Check out my Halloween edition of "Paris for a Year"! I love the black and green.

I have class today from 3pm to 6pm, and I only have one little bit of homework left to do. Yay! Shouldn't take me more than half an hour, and I did half of the reading I needed to do for Monday. I am on my stuff. Tomorrow, I have to wake up early, 5:30 or so, because MICEFA scheduled a trip to Mont St. Michel, which is 4 hours north of here. There's an abbey there, and the place is sort of like a pseudo island. It just depends on the tide, and it's usually very hard to get there on your own, unless you have a car.

I'm really excited because I love road trips. Especially longs ones. I'm going to bring my video camera, I think. Just film a little. It'll be a travelogue of some sorts.I haven't done a lists thing for a while, so here's a list of random stuffs:

Music that embodies Paris to me:
1. Elliott Smith's album "XO": which seems to go with everything, I think.
2. Bloc Party's "So Here We Are": Lovely, romantic song. Plan to use this for my brother's wedding movie, also inspires me for my own films. Great for the Metro, especially line 6 which is above ground like the trains in Chicago.
3. The Dream Academy's "Please please please let me get what I want": Best heard in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the scene where they're looking at all the art in the museum. Actually listened to this in a museum too!
4. Modest Mouse's "She Ionizes and Atomizes": Reminds me of what the soundtrack would be like if someone woke up after a night of absinthe drinking. Actually inspired a film idea I got of a girl who wakes up along the Seine after some crazy night and she tries to re-trace her steps.
5. David Holmes's "Tess": From the Ocean's Eleven soundtrack, the first scene of Juliet Roberts walking down the staircase. A sexy dreamlike version of Clair de Lune.
6. Bloc Party's "The Prayer": My prayer for living here: "God give me grace and dancing feet and the power to impress...Let me outshine them all". Nothing could be more hopeful or motivating.
7. Fountains of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom": I know, what's this doing here? It's just a fun song and reminds me of so cal and so cal kids for some reason. Also, there are a lot of hot moms here, seriously. Freaking pushing strollers in high heels.

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Ihuixochitl a dit…

I can't wait for Mont St. Michel! It's going to be fabulous. Pit stops, having to wait a few hours before you can go potty, the "are we there yet?," and the naps on the bus while others snap pics of those sleeping hahahaha can't wait!

elaine a dit…

yea i know! it's going to be fun.