jeudi 18 octobre 2007

bless their hearts for trying to translate.

If that does not make you laugh out loud, then you have a heart of lead which nothing can penetrate. Not even Will Ferrel can touch that heart of yours. After a lovely self-guided tour of Notre Dame's towers with Liz and Lily, we headed to Rue de Rivoli stopping by a group of garden shops near Cité that I discovered a while back. And that's where we saw this adorable sign, but no sign of "cat". Just look at that underlined "please". Whenever I'm sad, all I have to do is look at this picture, and I'll light up like a Christmas tree.

After our climbing the billions of stairs to the top, it was simply amazing. Check out this sweet gargoyle!:You can see most of Paris's great monuments, from Sacré Coeur to the Eiffel Tower.

We loaded up on a grec sandwich after cuz we were so hungry. Then we set out to find the perfect boots. For me. Because winter's coming, and Mom and Dad said it was okay for me to get boots. Incidentally, my package of winter clothes that the parentals sent me are somewhere in the region of Paris. I got a letter to go pick it up at the post office, but I got the letter late and now I've got to wait for another letter telling me where to get this package. Bah. It's really my fault for not checking my mail at MICEFA.

I've been lucky though since it's not that cold yet. I have my wool jacket, and that suffices well. Plus, I get so warm walking around and being in the Metro. Anyway, about the boots, I'm really shopping around, looking for the perfect pair. Something leather and weather-proof. Something that also looks a bit like the one this girl on the red is wearing, but with a buckle over the ankle:I know what you're thinking: “That's an ANIME character!” Haven't you heard of cos-play? I can find those boots. So, something a bit more masculine, something that says, “Yes, you are right to think that I might have a motorcycle” but can easily be softened with tights and a cute skirt. Look at me, trying so hard to be fashionable. Something with a bit of a heel, that comes to about mid-shin and that comes in either a black or a dark, muddy brown. I'll let you know next year when I find these boots. Funny thing about this search is that I found the perfect boot that fits this description, but it's in America. Figures.

It's funny how much I changed, in regards to clothes. I seek perfection, or near it. I have to be in love in order to have it. If I'm not in love , then what's the point. Why should I spend money on something adequate—unless it's like handsoap. This is a really good shopping mentality. It means, I won't go all out on a random shopping outing. Whenever I go shopping now, it's just going to be to look for what I need and in order to buy it, I have to be in love. And it has to look freaking amazing on me. Back in the states, I used to casually go shopping with friends and end up coming home with things I don't really need. I just wanted to fill my closet.

But now when it comes to clothes, it's all about quality. When you buy quality, it lasts longer. But I do contradict myself when I say that I do buy H&M and Forever 21, self-proclaimed “cheap, seasonal clothing”. Clothing you wear for a season and give away the next. But I take care of these clothes. Things of quality (or slightly lesser) demand care and attention. As such, I have a H&M skirt that's 4 years old and still in good condition. It also goes with everything in my wardrobe. And it'd go great with boots.

Ah! Didn't mean for this whole blog to be about clothes and shopping. Don't worry, I'm not going all Paris Hilton on you guys, I'm still the same girl with the same passions...I just added clothes to one of them.

Incidentally, I updated a crapload of photos. And I made my photos section much simpler and easier. For me. Took out the "old" albums from this page, but they're still in my photobucket account. Added a section for the musees, featuring pictures from the Musee D'Orsay. Check it!

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