samedi 20 octobre 2007

close encounters of the OC kind

So, road trip to Mont St. Michel wasn't as relaxing as I'd liked, as this girl sitting in front of me from the OC talked up a storm to me. It's no exaggeration when I write that she just embodies everything OC: snob, closed-mindedness, materialistic, fake. I hate to write this, and not every girl from the OC is like this, just some and maybe not all these traits. I gave her chance, I seriously did, we talked (well, she mostly talked), and I just came to this conclusion.

Lucia, who was sitting next to me, wasn't feeling so well, so after OC girl told her that she would feel better at the front of the bus, I was left alone with OC girl who had probably been itching to talk to someone since her friend was asleep, or listening to his ipod very loudly (even the back of the bus could hear it, and we were in the middle!). She first stated, "I just can't stand the thought know [she was implying 'vomit']. Ugh, it's disgusting." I nodded and gave a fake smile. Clearly uncomfortable situation for me. That was her "in". She babbled on about going on a Contiki trip--one of those expensive tours that can go from days to weeks--and she was on a bus all the time. She talked about the places she visited, how I should go to the French Riviera, Italy's countryside, etc. I asked her if she spoke any languages, and she said, "No, it's totally fine, everyone speaks English in Europe." I added that I would feel better at least trying to speak the language of the country I was in. I was also confused. I then learned that she isn't even studying abroad, her friend is, and she was staying with him while she traveled Europe. She tagged along for the trip.

I asked her where she was from, and she proceeded to drop a lot of OC city names, mostly where the well to-do live. She dropped them knowing that I was from LA (and proud), but she said them in a manner as if I was from another state, like I didn't know where Newport Beach was. She wore a lot of make-up, and she smiled a lot as she talked, very loudly so that everyone within the projection of her voice can get the whole scoop, and it looked painful. To be smiling and talking like that all the time. Her laugh sounded like it was passed down from generation to generation, and that, after having fully matured in the eyes of her mother, it was finally hers.

She annoyed me. She talked to me for at least 45 minutes, with me not being able to get in 3 sentences edgewise (or maybe I didn't feel like talking). She went to Cal State Fullerton and still lives with her parents. She's never left home, I mean really left home, other than her expensive Contiki trips. She just graduated with a Communication degree and gave me advice about the film industry. She reminded me why I left So Cal. She made me sad.

At my absolute meanest and worst, I'm a Holden Caulfield from LA, whining about phonies and phony laughter. This is me at my worst. I don't think you can ever find me more meaner or more depressed when I encounter the OC stereotype.

I am not the only one who's encountered her. Others have had similar stories about her today. I want to tell people that she is not representative of the young women of southern California, please, believe me.

By the by, Mont St. Michel was amazing. Will post about it later. Just had to get this off my chest.

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