lundi 11 février 2008

what is to come

First I must start off with this: The Dutch are the nicest, most laidback people I have ever encountered. So chill, relaxed, and helpful...I wouldn't mind going back. At all.

One of the best trips ever. Felt like a grown-up trip seeing as I planned the accommodations, Lucia planned the train tickets, and we all planned the itinerary. When I was a kid or even when I'm traveling with my parents, they usually take care of that stuff, I've never worried about anything and just did what they planned. But this was really cool, felt really proud of my first planned trip--London doesn't count since the accommodations were free and all that.

Here's what's to come, a teaser trailer if you will...

Van Gogh Museum. Anne Frank House. The Netherlands film museum. Rembrandt. Two coffee houses. One spacecake. Pizza and Heinekens. Best breakfasts EVER. Dutch pancakes are to die for. Stroop and powdered sugar. Bikes. Vondelpark at night. Dutch people are awesome.

Yup, yup. That's what's in store.