jeudi 7 février 2008

packing process

Packing process has begun. Just mailed the first of many envelopes addressed to myself. They are to arrive at my parents' house in LA. These envelopes contain business cards, museum stubs, pamphlets, receipts--stuff I kept over the year and would like to use for a scrapbook of some sort later. I love keeping this stuff. I love my memories. The good and the bad. And I don't want to be bogged down by all of it when I leave.

How wonderful it would be if when I came home, I had all these envelopes, these tiny packages sent from France holding all my memories. I'd open one envelope each day and just go over each item and try to remember all I could about it. God, that's going to be amazing. I wonder what piece will make me laugh or make me cry or make me wish I was back in Paris.

I wish you could see my planner. An absolute bordel. Wait here's a pic:I love how chaotic it looks. Makes it look like I'm busy. That I'm actually doing something, thank God. Some stuff I didn't even get to do like see The Searchers on Wednesday. Or see the Buster Keaton shorts with live piano this Sunday. I'm kind of sad that I'm missing that, but Amsterdam is a good reason to miss it. Also, found that they're showing To Kill A Mockingbird at Amsterdam's Filmmuseum, so that'll be cool! The museum is down the street from our hotel. I'd like to do one "film" thing in every city I visit, if it's possible. BFI in London, and now the Netherlands's largest film museum and archive.

I finished packing last night. For the first time since I got here I'll be using my backpack, the big one. I used a regular school backpack for London which ended up being almost unbearable to pack since I got so many books at the BFI. I'm excited to use it for the first time. Also it only looks big because my wool jacket is in there, and it's thick. I found out the hard way that traveling makes me sweat like a mother. I love learning what works and what doesn't. So no heavy, hampering clothing while traveling but keep it close (I packed it at the top) just in case weather gets nasty.

As always, I will hash out (get it? 'cuz I'm going to Amsterdam?) a day by day record of what went on in Amsterdam. Every. Dirty. Detail. Maybe not every dirty detail, but close. In the meantime, check out the photo albums, I put some up from Zizi and D'Orsay. I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.

Much love and bisous from your American girl abroad,