dimanche 3 février 2008

tips from the 1500s and traveling with my lovely parents!

Found these tips online from Erasmus's De Civilitate. I will try my best to live them out. Found them on theThe Happiness Project blog which is one of my favorite self-helpish blogs. I thought they were interesting just because they're so hard to follow! Especially 6 because I like to ask questions when people tell stories.

According to Erasmus, you should not…
1. gossip
2. tell unkind stories
3. boast
4. indulge in self-display
5. seek to defeat others in argument
6. interrupt people when they tell a story
7. be too inquisitive

You should…
8. be discreet about your own thoughts and actions

Despite occasional bouts of frustration and wanting to stay in my shell, I am happy. I have done more growing and learning (and not the kind you pay for) here than I have ever done in the same amount of time at home. I've become close to people who I admire and whose company I enjoy and who I want to keep in touch with long after this is over. I went to midnight Mass at Notre Dame. I took a train under the English channel. I rode on the back of a Vespa from southwest London to northeast London. So despite the strikes, the sickness and cold, and not quite living up to the "studying" bit in studying abroad...I am happy. I'm really happy! Especially about this next bit too...

Talked to Mom and Pop the other day, and they're coming near the end of the semester to spend a week in Paris and then road tripping it to Spain where Dad will be the tour guide and show all his old haunts to us during the time he was stationed there. I can't wait. At first I didn't think I'd make it, what with classes, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! A road trip with the parentals in Europe! Sounds like such a cool adventure. I remember going to Thailand with my Mom and riding the back of this old army Jeep in the Philippines with my Dad. Great times.

I've been through that stage where I left home and wanted to be away from my parents and see the world. I mean, I'm living it right now. But now they just seem more dear to me than ever. And they're funnier. I don't know if it's because they're retired and have a lot of free time or if it's just my sense of humor that's changed, but they are funny as heck! And I love spending time with them. Every moment spent with them at home during my vacations is really precious. Even if it's just going to Costco with Mom or doing random errands with Dad. I love this stuff.

So I'm going to let my teachers know that I'm "leaving the country early". I'm sure they won't mind, and I know a couple of students who did this before the first semester ended. I just don't want to miss out on this!