mardi 5 février 2008

give it up

I used to give up things for Lent: soda, meat, and fast food. I don't know what I'd like to give up this year. I was thinking framboise or alcohol in general since I like it so much and we're supposed to abstain from things we like, but I'm going to Amsterdam this weekend, and what if I want a framboise then? Maybe alcohol on special occasions. Amsterdam is a special occasion. The original Heineken brewery's there! And you get three free beers when you go.

Signed up for classes at St. Denis. So far, I have free Mondays. Yay! I have to wait until the 13th until they post what classes there are for cinema. If they conflict, I might just end up taking French all the way again, which I don't mind. I'm here for French anyway, and my free time is spent with Cinema. I kind of like the arrangement. I'm very happy either way. Centre Pompidou is doing an expo on Alain Resnais. I'm going to see Hiroshima Mon Amour next week. All my friends had to watch this film in Intro to Cinema, but I had another teacher who didn't show it. I'm excited to see a film there!

Susie got a carte ciné passion yesterday, and I watched No Country For Old Men with her. Last time I was always reading the subtitles. I like seeing movies I liked twice though. Once by myself, and another with a person to see their reactions. The card's worth it. We might see Edward Scissorhands next week. The translation is Edward aux mains d'argent, which is like Edward Silverhands, which kind of works, in a way.

After signing up at school, met up with Susie and we voted at the American church. We were the first couple people in line, which was cool, because the line was getting crazy long. All you needed was your passport. Some French lady wanted to interview us on camera, and we said we'll see her when we're done voting. Then we just sort of snuck by and left. Neither me nor Susie wanted to talk to her. Cool that we got to vote though.

Am going to try and eat better and exercise for Lent (and for Kuya who asked if I was working out--his wedding is this fall!). I want to look nice for his wedding. Tonight I'm making couscous--yum! Will also find ways to be happy, to smile and laugh, to make the most of my time here because it's almost over. I think I'm off to a good start already.