dimanche 3 février 2008

exposition zizi and another ikea day

Saturday was a cool day. Lucia, Susie, and I braved the cold and walked along Canal St. Martin. They ate sandwiches while I had a pastry. We then headed to Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, a science center for kids and adults. Went to the Exposition Zizi Sexuel, which sounds naughty, but it's actually for kids! The exhibit teaches kids about puberty, sex, reproductive organs, and giving birth. You would never see something like this in the States. In the photo, they have this thing where you learn how to French kiss, haha. I watched a kid do a quiz on sex on a touch screen. He was like 7. And he got most of the questions right! It's really cool that they teach kids this stuff at an early age. Afterwards, we went to a section of the building dedicated to math and physics.

Today...euro breakfast at Ikea!! So good. Susie bought some new stuff for her place. She brought 90 euros to spend, but only paid less than 50! I love Ikea. She got everything she needed like bedsheets, pan, pillows, and other things. Lucia and I got pillows too. They're for the people who are going to stay at my place. It was super cheap.

After our Ikea excursion, Lucia and I decided to meet up at Musée d'Orsay in two hours. We walked through Impressionism and post-Impressionism. Since I'm sick and a bit fatigued, I sat in front of some Monets and just people watched. I love how easy it is to people watch in Paris. I mostly looked at guys. I love guys when they wear their winter wear, their coats and scarves. I love guys in wool coats. It's so sophisticated. Especially wool hacking coats, which is more of a British thing, but I LOVE how it looks. I think every guy should own a wool hacking coat. It's the hacking style that's very cool to me. Jason Statham is wearing one--see the bald man at far right. I love the two stacked pockets at the right hand side of the coat.

Lucia and I then shared a club sandwich at our favorite club sandwich place. Total yum. I'm happy I did so much despite my condition. It's better than sitting at home under the covers being a bum.