mercredi 13 février 2008

up to date

Back to normalish. Had my academic advising with Rosalie the other day, which turned out to be pretty cool. I love seeing her, she is a bundle of joy. I remember the first time we met, she mentioned that my parents went up to her at orientation and pretty much said, "TAKE CARE OF OUR DAUGHTER." And I was so embarrassed when she recounted the story to me, and she sincerely told me not to, that that was her job, and I knew immediately then that I liked her, that I could trust her with my academic stuffs. That she'll be there to help me.

I had to re-schedule my appointment since it conflicted with a class, so when I called her she said, "That's fine. You're easy" which made me happy. I loved the way she said "easy", with an emphasis on the first syllable. I don't like to cause any unnecessary problems, and I try to make things easy for people. My case isn't that bad--I just need some electives to count towards the French major and Cinema major.

Got my grades in, my lowest a 14/20, which translates into an A from my oral class. I'm really happy about that. My teacher said that I was too timid when speaking (Rosalie said, "Who isn't timid when learning a language?"). Got a 15 in my French songs class with the teacher I didn't really care for and also an "A+" which took me by surprise from the Cinema class. The professor was supposed to give me a number grade based on the French system, but I'll take that A+. She said I was a hard worker, good student, an improving writer. Later, Rosalie asked me if I wanted to see my grades again, and I said sure, and I just stared at the paper in disbelief for a couple of seconds before handing it back to her. Rosalie said if I was interested, that I can attend her husband Fred's talk about the Peace Corps. Then we bisoued and hugged goodbye, such a sweet lady.

Went to Fred's talk about the Peace Corps which was quite moving. He went to Thailand and learned Thai there. He talked about all his experiences, the friends he made, the places he got to travel. It's a two year commitment. If I could have a choice, I'd go to the Philippines, at least I'd learn Tagalog. Right now, it's an active country and they need English teachers. But it's the country that picks you for your abilities. Two years is a long time, but it seems like it would be the next step after a study abroad experience. I'd do it if I wasn't so bent on being poor in LA after college.

My parents are arranging their trip here which is very exciting. Called me 7 in the morning to plan it out. As it turns out, I'm spending my 22nd birthday in Spain! That is too cool. I was planning not to do anything on my birthday. I wanted to have a birthday where nothing really special happened, and that I spent alone. I just wanted to know what it was like. When I turned 17, I didn't plan anything because 17 is sort of boring. Instead, since I had a Disneyland pass, I wanted to go to Disneyland by myself. Just go on one ride like Autotopia maybe and then get an ice cream then go home. Then it turns out that my fam planned something or other, I can't really remember. All I remember was wanting to go to Disneyland alone.

They're coming to Paris for a few days, then we drive through France and into Spain for a little more than a week, then come back to Paris for a few days again. Then home. We leave Paris July 3rd for the US...Where did the time go? It'll be weird going home with my parents. I kind of expected the movie ending, boarding that plane alone and then seeing the fam at the airport when I landed. But this is cool.

School again.
Both of my Micefa classes just started this week, and they're so cool! Compared to the ones at St. Denis. I'm learning a lot already, and the teachers are awesome. The history of Paris one is my favorite so far. It's interesting learning the origin of names and just knowing little tidbits about the monuments. I can impress my friends coming to stay with me, one of them coming in less than 3 weeks!

My film friend, Patrick, sent me a DVD of a film he wrote and directed which is a nice gesture. I was the script supervisor and helped with the production two summers ago. It's weird seeing films you worked on, especially when you know the stories and characters so well. When I watched it, all I could think about was production notes like, "I remember that night! It was so cold filming in that playground." Or hearing the lines that people always had to re-do. I wonder if it'll be like this whenever I work on a film.

Saw Edward Scissorhands with Susie at Grand Action Tuesday night. Lovely. The film projection was extra scratchy, but I didn't mind. Last night, went to Action Christine near St. Michel to see A Midsummer Night's Dream. My card works there too as well as at Action Odeon. Two words: Christian Bale.

The cinema is located on a small, quiet street not so promising to tourists as it had no stores, just a hairdresser and what seemed like the back of a hotel, but it really was the front. Hard to explain. You couldn't even see the cinema unless you walked past it because the cinema sign was out. It had two theaters like Grand Action.

Thought it would be fun seeing this film as it is close to Valentine's Day and what better to fill the void where romance should be in my life with none other than this false reality of romance that film so often portrays. At least it was Shakespeare. I must get points for that. And Christian Bale riding a bike wearing 1890s clothing reciting lines in (what I think is) his original Welsh accent--heaven. Whenever he said, "Helena" I just kept on thinking how effing close that name is to my own, in a sense, since my name is derived from Helen, and all you do is add the "a" and ta-da. This is the kind of crap I daydream when at the movies.

God, whenever a lovely boy speaks my name, I can't help but feel a flutter of happiness echoing through my heart. It's like a gift from my parents at birth that keeps renewing itself with every boy who is acquainted with me. Anyway, I digress.

The audience was mostly elderly couples, one young couple, and several guys and old ladies that came by themselves. One of the guys looked my age, and the jerk sat right in front of me with his messy head of hair obstructing my perfect view, and right when I was about to move, he moved, so that was nice. A good crowd, a lot of them laughed really loudly so I felt okay laughing loudly too, I laughed so hard I had some tears in my eyes but it felt really good to laugh. At the end of the credits, one old man in the back stood up and clapped, and others joined in too.

Walked across Pont Neuf after, and everything was all sparkling and glittering, and La Samaritaine was all lit up. It was nice. And even though I was alone I didn't feel alone. And it occurred to me after that I could have called someone to come to the movies with me, but the fact that I didn't meant something. I'm not sure what. Am I finally comfortable? Yes. I might have always been ever since I saw my first film here alone. Have I lost the inclination to share things, experiences with people? Not at all, it just didn't happen tonight.