jeudi 14 février 2008


Valentine's Day was...appropriate. Spent most of the morning cleaning and organizing. I left my shampoo in Amsterdam so I had to get a bottle of that. Mailed some letters.

Susie came over after her class, and we went to the 18th arrondissement to watch a band play in an art gallery. Met up with Lily and Sarah. It was crowded and full of scene people. Young people that grow up to be art gallery people with strange haircuts and bold eyeglasses. The band didn't play, so we left. Met up with Lucia and got thai food by Susie's place. We sat at a round table, and after we ate I said, "Hey, Happy Valentine's guys." We all laughed and were kind of tipsy from the "cocktail maison" some of us got which was fruit juice and rice wine.

After we went to alimentation (small corner grocery store) after alimentation looking for Haribo (gummy candy) for me because I was craving it. We all got some candy and went back to Susie's to watch Phase, the movie I worked on two years ago that my friend sent to me. It was fun to watch it with people who don't know my film friends and who were genuinely intrigued by the making of a student film. I added little production tidbits while the movie progressed. Everyone put in their two cents on what worked in the movie and what didn't. It was cool to hear their criticisms. I need to know what people like and what people will ridicule on the screen. I later wrote them down in my Moleskine on the metro ride home. Saw lots of couples, young and old, probably going home after dinner out. Some girls had bouquets of flowers. Everyone was dressed nice and perfect, and here I was in the middle of it in my converses and the wool jacket that's falling apart that I love. It sucked, but it felt right. Appropriate.

It was a good night, probably one of the better Valentine days I've ever had.