vendredi 15 février 2008

Martha Stewart

Did another strange amount of cleaning and rearranging. I don't know why, I didn't have to. I even grouped my carbs in the same place in the kitchen. Weird. Took care of school things that Rosalie suggested I do, and made a list of things to chuck out when I leave. Mostly clothes that are getting worn down already.

I guess I'm doing all this cleaning because my friend Catherine (the first of 4 friends coming--cool and yikes at the same time) is arriving in three weeks which is a long time from now but better now I guess than in a hurry the day before she comes. Cool girl. She grew up in Las Vegas but currently goes to Loyola Marymount. Met her while on a summer study abroad in Cambridge, England. I remember we met on the bus from Heathrow to Cambridge, and she was listening to Broken Social Scene on her ipod. I peeked when she wasn't looking. She's into film too, and we'd hang out on the day trips into London, Stonehenge, and the Roman baths in Bath.

It's strange, this desire to impress. It's like I need to show everyone how grown up I am. Blurg. Didn't think it'd come until later, when I was done with school and working (or finding work).

Speaking of Britain, watched a hilarious British tv show, as suggested from Lily (thanks Lily!). She said I'd like it, and I'm always wary about people telling me I'll like something, but right off when she said, "Simon Pegg" thunderbirds were go. I looked it up on youtube, and it was amazing. I love me that British humor. Immediately saw the references that Simon Pegg made in Shaun of the Dead to the former tv show he starred in. Great stuff. Just this clip alone merits at least one episode trial.