samedi 29 décembre 2007

this cozy home

Woke up curled up in a ball this morning. Probably because I was freezing. Figured that it was time I bought a comforter. Yes, I've been sleeping in one of those polar fleece blankets that I thought was pretty warm, but apparently not. And I don't like leaving the heater on and wasting that electricity. Fortunately, Nayo had to go to Ikea to buy some things today so I joined her.

Took the bus to the RER, and the sidewalks, the train stations, they were all full of people from all over the world. And all I could think was, "You tourists, get out of my way!" It's such a horrible feeling. I've never felt that way living in California, but that's because I never lived at the center of a compact city, and there are barely any compact cities in CA to begin with.

Had lunch at Ikea, bought a comforter, and I swear, when I got home I tore that plastic wrapping off, and I re-made my bed all nice, and it's so silly how something little like a comforter can make me happy, but I've been noticing these small, little things that make me happy every day like the little spoon that comes with my crème or the smells of fruits and vegetables outside my window, and I just hope to God that all this transfers over when I go home. And just having this cozy home at the end of the day fills me with absolute joy.

Had Indian food with Susie, her bf who's visiting Andy, Nayo, and Taylor, and it was good and cheap. Then hung out at my place afterwards. A nice day.