vendredi 28 décembre 2007

pulp fiction and the cinema

Saw Pulp Fiction at my movie theater tonight with Kristin, her bf Shawn, and Morgan. First we met up at the Mayflower, had a pint, and walked 7-8 minutes down to the theater. Heaven.

Sometimes people ask me why I'd go see a movie that I can just rent myself. Why see "old" films projected in a movie theater? Why pay the same (or slightly less) for a film when you can see a brand spankin' new one? It's because nothing beats that big tall screen, that darkness, the tiny black flecks that dirty the screen telling you that this is film and not digital. Because, when Pulp Fiction was in theaters, I was in second grade and was into whatever Disney was putting out at the time. Because I am a cinema major, a lower level of film geek, and I like sitting in that darkness with friends and strangers.

If I become rich with whatever it is that I will do in the future, I'm opening my own independent film theater that looks like the ones they tore down when towns got too big, and they put up those god awful monstrosities boasting 16 screens. Two screens. Only two screens, and we'll mostly show old stuff, silent films for the kids to watch, the classics, horrors around Halloween, romantic comedies with Cary Grant around Valentine's day. We'll serve the typical fare of movie theaters, all that candy. But only one size of popcorn and soda because, seriously, you don't really need to eat that much popcorn or drink that much soda. And at the beginning of the very first showing of a film's first run, I'll be there to welcome my patrons, introduce the film, and sit with the audience, just like the lady who runs Le Grand Action. One of my dreams since high school. It's funny because, while I was thinking of my dream to own a film theater, I learned that Shawn works in a two screen movie theater. Pretty cool coincidence.

In other news, I'm getting out of here! For a weekend only to lovely London where I will be staying with my cousin, his wife, and their baby who I haven't met yet. I am EXCITED!!! I've been to London twice before, but I'm gonna look up stuff I haven't done, and get some fish and chips. Ever since I bought my ticket I've been craving fish and chips. Yum. And then feeling like total crap afterward from all the friedness. Am going to try and not be a total tourist.