lundi 24 décembre 2007

bah humbug or: happy Christmas! it can go either way actually...

Woke up with total purpose. Lucia's texto woke me up. She asked me if I had plans for Christmas eve. Since no one proposed to throw a party (a Facebook group proved that wrong as I would later find out), I sent textos to people who I rarely see but did get to talk to over the break. I told Lucia, Sally, Teresa, and Barbara (via Teresa) that they should all come over for dinner tonight. That settled, I figured that Santa would give me a present (something not material) instead of coal this year for my good deed. No one deserves to be alone on Christmas eve, especially when you know people here. That's just not right.

Went on Facebook to find out that Steven was throwing a party/sleepover tonight, and a lot of people were going. Ah! If only I had known about this thing earlier, I would totally have gone. Nayo told me to just go to Steven's party and tell everyone to go there instead of here, but I already bought apple cider and other food stuffs. And I'd hate to send a texto saying, "party's cancelled we're all going to Steven's". That's just not right. Who cancels a party the day of Christmas eve? Not me.

Had McDonald's for lunch which is the epitome of depressing. Met Lucia at Chateau de Vincennes and went for a walk at the park which is HUGE and lovely even in winter. Loads of kids on playgrounds. Nayo called me while I was at the park, and I was following Lucia to the playground area.

Even while Nayo was mad at me and telling me to cancel my party and go to Steven's over the cellphone, I could not muster up any anger towards her as, I was having the effing TIME OF MY LIFE on a see-saw with Lucia at the playground. She had no idea that while she was questioning my plans, I was smiling my ass off jumping up and down, sending myself three feet into the air. The end of the convo on my end sounded like this: "Okay, okay, I don't think I'll go, sorry, have fun, but I'll think about it, but I don't think I'll go. (click) Weeeeeeee!! HAHAHAH!!" I can't remember the last time I've been on a seesaw. God, it was fun.

Saw my landlord this morning and he stuttered, "Uh..euh..uh..Happy Christmas!" Guess he forgot how to say it in English 'cuz it took him a couple of seconds. Anyway, Happy Christmas everyone! Be well, be safe. Thanks for your love and support over this past year in Paris.