mercredi 26 décembre 2007

Christmas wish list

Okay, okay, I know I said I didn't want anything for Christmas other than handwritten letters, but after browsing the interwebs of lists of the Best Gifts of 2007 and Techie's wish lists etc..., I don't think it hurts to make a list of things that would be nice if money were no option, you know, just in case I win the lottery when I get back to the States.

1. An HD camcorder: The Sony HDR-HR7 or Canon XH A1. Because HD is crisp and clean as heck. I admit that at heart I'm an analog player in a digital world (my super 8 still works last time I checked, and you can't beat the saturation from my Russian Smena), but as long as I'm living in a digital world I might as well go hi-def. For the sake of my film, of course.

2. A Macbook with Final Cut Pro studio: Because, as my cousin had advised me--and he's a CEO or something huge for a creative agency in New York--I have to make the switch. Final Cut is becoming industry standard. The Coen brothers used Final Cut's Color to make O Brother Where Art Thou look what it looks like. Come on! Plus, I really like working with Macs. I'm not one of those diehard Mac people or anything, in fact, I love both PCs an Macs equally, but my next computer would definitely be a Mac.

3. A 500GB external hard drive: Because my 120GB back home is almost full. Man, I just remembered that I got my 120GB for Christmas for myself last year. Such a nerd.

4. Bicycle parts, wheels, for my Bike project: Oh yeah. Before I left, I was building a fixed-gear bicycle from an old bike I bought at an antique store in the Mission district in SF. I was halfway through stripping all the paint off myself by hand ('cuz it felt so down and dirty and amazing!), when Paris approached, and I had to abandon the project. Hopefully Dad didn't throw away the frame I left sitting in the garage. If he did, it wouldn't be that great of a loss anyway. Don't think I'll have the money to build the bike when I get back.

5. And, lastly, a crapload of books whose titles I'm too lazy to write here. In summation: the Chronicles of Narnia (in French), numerous books on film (on Buster Keaton and other directors), some Taschen books, and some Tintin books that Aaron had recommended.

How nerdy is this list? This list pretty much establishes me as a nerd and bike dork. I'm kind of embarrassed. Okay, okay, I think I've thought of something less nerdy and more girly...

6. Burberry trench coat: 'Cuz it was always my dream ever since I first visited London to have one. When I option or sell my first script, this is the first thing I'm getting for myself.

Anyway, I'm really content with what I have right now, and I really don't need these things. My laptoppy is in great condition, and I have Adobe Premiere Pro. My wool coat is falling apart, but by spring I probably won't need it anyway. Like Tyler Durden said, "The things you own end up owning you." It's so true.

Another lazy day. Did some post-party cleaning and am almost done with Around the World In 80 Days. Don't know what I'll do tomorrow.