vendredi 11 avril 2008

I can't wait until you're replaced by robots

Man, French people can be mean. It's been a while since I've had a mean French person encounter, so I figure I was due.

After class yesterday, I went to the supermarket, but not my usual one. I rarely shop during busy hours (around 7 pm), but I had to get some stuff for today. I'm going to the Loire Valley to visit the castles of Villandry and Chenonceau. In between the visits, we're going to have a nice picnic, and I didn't want to buy expensive foods on the way when I can make my own.

The lady working at the cashier register was tired and complaining about her stomach and her belt to her friend who was behind me in line buying groceries as well. When it came time to pay, I was getting coins out so that I can give her exact change. She then blurts out to her friend, "Why do people always give me exact change? It's such a bother!" She let out a huge sigh, and I looked at her and then her friend who threw me a sympathetic look that seemed to say, "Please excuse her, she's tired."

Whatever, cashier lady. I apologize for ruining your already monotonous job. Is it so bad that I had to make you put coins away? That I had to make you do math? Well, the machine does that math for you anyway. You scan, take money, and give money over and over again. It's robot work. You're going to be replaced by robots someday. I will cherish that day. In fact, the rise of the machines has already dawned. I've been to Monoprix where you can do your own scanning and just pay the machine. Target has it back home too. It was lovely. The interaction between me and this robot cashier. No human contact. No French snottiness.

Robot cashier even wished me a nice day.

In other news, I'm sitting in the most comfortable chair in my studio: the director's chair. How appropriate. I have two director style chairs that I usually break out when guests are around, but now I'm using one as my usual chair. Why didn't I use one before? Because I'm an idiot. They're great to sit in while writing and blogging and organizing film schedules for the summer. If anyone's down to work with me on July and August weekends, I need a camera person. We'll be filming in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, the LA and OC area, and San Diego. (Lombard, I'm talking to you!) This is that mock-doc that I'm doing for my brother's wedding in the style of "The Office" and Christopher Guest films.