jeudi 10 avril 2008

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." -- Abraham Lincoln

I really am a fool.

I am not afraid to admit that I'm an idiot sometimes. I'm not very good at history. I can't really retain a lot of things. I'll learn stuff and then *poof* out it goes with the trash. Dates, events, important happenings in history--it doesn't come easy to me. I envy people who have this gift, namely Kathy and Kristin who rule in our French History class.

Here's what I can remember and some of my strengths that I hope make up for my lack of book smarts: I can remember something funny that someone said; the locations of places and how to get there. I have a good sense of direction and pretty good with a map. I have great ninja skills (my ex-roommate always hated my stealth mode). I'm pretty observant and MacGyver-ish. When Stacy was here, I fixed her broken zipper with stuff I had around the studio. My Dad once said I'd make a great assassin.

What am I getting at? Oh yeah...I love it when people just already assume I'm an idiot, and then they're proved wrong, not by me, but by some outside force. Case in point: today's class. I had to work with a girl on a grammar exercise. This girl is already a know-it-all, I really don't know what she's doing in our class. She answers all the questions, almost with an air of resentment for everyone else who doesn't know the answer.

So, we're doing an exercise together, and she goes ahead and states out all the answers for me and then goes back to writing in her journal/doing other homework. Whatever. So I do the exercise myself, slowly, trying to figure out the answers on my own and ignoring what she told me. She leans over and asks, "Do you need help? It's blah blah blurg." I look at her and mutter, "Merci." And then when she wasn't looking I made this funny face that only God could see.

Minutes later, the prof's passing out homework. She gives Ms. Know All hers and talks out loud about the little mistakes she made. She sometimes does this for our papers. She hands me mine and says, "Very good" and that's it. Ms. KA looks at my paper and says, "You write well?" I shrugged and didn't say anything and just put the paper in my folder.


Lucia and I were recently talking about Italy, and I totally forgot that we'll be by the beach for our first stop. YAY! Sun, finally. I'm still using a scarf here. A scarf in April!

Luckily, Mom sent me my bathing suit and boardshorts with Cher and Char. I can't wait to get some sun. I also want to jump off a small cliff and into the ocean, if it's safe and possible. You always see that kind of stuff in movies.