jeudi 24 janvier 2008

bisoued and bars

It's 1:30 am. Nayo, Nick and Morgan are still at the Mayflower drinking it up. Me, I'm a lightweight and just wanted to hang out, but came home since I was dang tired.

Like Kuya had described it, the Mayflower is the bar in "Cheers" or the coffee shop in "Friends". All familiar faces, nothing is awkward. David concocted a drink called "pink hair" because of Morgan's pink hair. I heard it was tasty. He bisoued us girls. It was nice. Then he made me re-bisou on the left cheek since it wasn't "good enough". Haha. Later, he made me his waitress, and I helped him serve a table.

It's nice to have reached this point of comfort. Goodnight.