mercredi 24 octobre 2007


Got my student metro card that'll be good for the whole time that I'm here. Yay! I feel like a real student now, which is actually contrary to what I've really been feeling lately...senioritis.

I'm so ready to graduate right now. It's my fourth year. If I was normal, I'd be done with school in June, never would have studied abroad or taking up a foreign language, and would probably do something that would earn me money but make me unhappy. But I'm not normal, and I'm nowhere near graduating (just a little over halfway done with degree). But during class I just felt so done with the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, I love my Wednesday class, but I just felt done being a student. For the freaking first time in my life, I'd like to be working in my field and just doing that. No more finals, no more grades. In class I imagined starting out in some casting office, looking over resumes and headshots, handling auditions for the minor parts in some film starring Michael Cera (Arrested Development, Superbad) and whoever's my age and pretty big, and then having lunch with Michael Cera, and there's the writing on the side, getting a producer for my short film that wins at all the small festivals, then I go on to direct a music video for Thrice, which leads to my first directorial debut for an indie film that wins at Cannes...It was just weird how strongly I wanted that. Instead of 45 minute metro rides and holding in my pee for long periods of time. I mean, being a student is the life, huh? (complete sarcasm was just transmitted through the interwebs)

For years I've loved being a student and the college life and my summers and vacations, and now that it's almost over, I'm kind of glad. What is happening to me?

It must be the whole living alone thing and sort of taking care of myself and being a loner...Also, I've been watching 30 Rock, and I feel like I could turn into Liz Lemon or something like her, which I kind of don't mind. In fact, Liz Lemon is sort of my role model at this period in my life.

Things I saw today that made me laugh and/or smile:
1. A cute, small dog lead its owner and actually stopped in front of a handbag store and looked at the handbags.
2. I walk by this Starbucks all the time, and I saw an add for THIS!:Is that INSANITY or what?! It looks like solid chocolate in a mug.

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