vendredi 26 octobre 2007

i'm attracted douchebags?

This is a scary month indeed. Came home last night from another Mayflower outing that was truly...frightening.

Not in a bad sense, but in a sense that...I'll explain later. Anyway, went to the Mayflower with Kathy and Morgan and met up with Kristin's Epitech class. Epitech is a enginneering school, sort of like DeVry back home. She teaches an English conversation class for 20somethings who are working with computers. Anyway, she brought some of them along.

Kathy and I were sitting across from two students, Nicolas and I forgot the other one. We tried talking to them, but they were very quiet and just drank their beers, and they just seemed like they were hating being there. Kathy then turns to me and says that Nicolas looks like a French version of Jim Halpert from "The Office". And she was totally right. Both of us thought he was super cute albeit rude, brooding and having a mean/angry face. He was tall, messy hair like Jim Halpert, dressed kind of slobbily. When we did get some talking out of him, we learned that he doesn't like America, doesn't want to visit there, doesn't want to learn English. After some more beers, he and his friend are finally laughing about something we were all discussing, and then they get up to leave! Things were just getting good!

It was just scary to know that I could be attracted to such a douchebag. Now that I know that it's possible, it freaks me the hell out! I don't want to date a douchebag. I don't want to ever believe that I can date a douchebag and somehow change him into a better person, because that rarely ever happens. Some douchebags just stay douchebags.

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