vendredi 5 octobre 2007


Another beautiful autumn day in Paris, and yet my afternoon has been ruined by my stupid body. However, I am still well enough to blog. Yes, I am that dedicated. I was on the Metro, going to meet Keisha and Katia to talk about how to handle French interviews, when my body turned against me. I started feeling superbly dizzy. I got of the Metro at Pont Marie, and I felt so crazily dizzy I'm just so glad I didn't fall over. I was sweating like mad as well, and my hair was up too. I texted Keisha that I couldn't make it. Sucks. And on the way, Romina had called me while on the Metro to see if I wanted to hang out, but I had to turn her down. Gosh this really sucks. The heart and the mind want to go out and see friends, but the body says no, be a hermit, it's good for your art, you need another film under your belt. Ugh. Why does my body even care? I felt better once I got home and had some water. Maybe I'm dehydrated.

Anyway, I did have a wonderful morning. I walked to Jardin du Luxembourg from my place, and it only took half an hour. I walked up my ancient street, and I passed the Mayflower, which to my surprise, is painted purple. I couldn't tell at night when I was last there.

I had my ipod on, like I sometimes do, and I was listening to Mates of State's cover of "California"--you know the theme song for "The O.C.". I swear, I've never seen that show in my life! But I love the Phantom Planet song, and naturally, I love the cover. It's more acoustic and simple.

I go down rue Soufflot with the Pantheon to my back, and I was crossing the street to walk into the gardens, and it just hit me how beautiful this song was to this walk. And it's so ironic to be walking the streets of Paris and to listen to a song about California, but it fit really well. My life is very ironic sometimes. You know with this song and my body wanting to go home and my head wanting to be outside and see friends.

Also, I just had to blog about this, and it's a little bit about Paris, but it's just so symbolic and so important that I had to write about this. I had a dream last night. Not just ANY dream, this one was scary real.

Backstory: My brother's fiancee sent me the link to the videographer who's going to film their wedding. Being the film major that I am, I go on this guy's blog to watch the past weddings that he did. I don't want some cheeseball to make some cheesy film out of what will be the most beautiful day of my brother's life. Anyway, he was pretty good, and I'm glad they chose him.

So last night, I dream that I'm getting married! And you don't need to know any specifics other than it's a gorgeous affair, and I look freaking amazing. I'm at the end of the aisle, and everyone is looking at me: the groom, my family, the whole crowd. And I'm standing there in my white dress holding a lovely bouquet of flowers, and I don't move. I don't budge. And in my head I'm thinking, "I didn't even get to travel." That's what I'm thinking about, traveling! And I look at the groom, and he is crushed, he could just read it in my face that I'm not going down that aisle. And everyone else finally sees it too. And I just walk away. In my dress and all.

That's where it ended cuz immediately after that I had another dream, or nightmare rather, in which my former French prof Katia said to me, in absolute perfect English: "STUDY". Then I woke up.

But that first one was weird, huh? Just goes to show how much traveling means to me. I mean, to call off a wedding just because I didn't get to travel enough. Traveling's just such a huge priority to me. I really think, in real life, I would put it before settling down.

Anyway, I'm going to recup and get some tea because I was hoping to go watch the rugby game tonight with some friends.

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