jeudi 4 octobre 2007

"cluck-uh cluck-uh, cluh"

That's right, I am a chicken. I'm super cool doing things alone, heck, I love living by myself, but I will most definitely not go on a tour by myself of Paris's catacombs where thousands of dead people call home. A lot of my friends can't make it due to the fact that they have more important things going on (TAing, school, blah blah), so I ended up not going anyway. I almost wish I started school this week just so that I can be busy. No. I take that back.

I'm having problems with my carte de sejour. My file got sent back because my landlord didn't give a recent copy of his gas bill. Argh! I swear, that copy he gave me was recent. Oh well. I'm going to get the bill next week and will have to send my carte de sejour stuffs when I get it. Blah.

I'm also having problems with my body...don't worry, it's not nasty! It's actually quite funny to me, and it's not really a problem anymore since I SOLVED it! So, each day, when I get home, I realize that I'm sweating profusely. And it's not the three flights of stairs I climb to my flat. I don't even bundle up that much since I get so sweaty. And at first, I'm really happy 'cuz that must mean I'm losing weight. Yay! Anyway...I figured out why I'm so sweaty...IT'S MY HAIR!

It's my ugly, gross, mullet-like hair. I keep it down, and it's on my neck, and it keeps me really warm. THAT'S what's keeping me so warm and thus making me sweat. I'm so not used to longish hair, and that's why I love having short hair. But now that I'm letting it grow, it's at this awkward mullet-stage. I vowed not to cut it since I want to have it long for my brother's wedding. Ahh! That's like in a year. Anyway, I'll keep it up when I go out to hide the mullet, and I'll put it down when I'm in the privacy of my own home. Problem solved!

Also, I hate to admit it, but I gotta tell you guys truth so...I got really homesick one night a couple of days ago while I was looking at some pictures I took of my fam and of my friends at the going away party I had in SF. And I made a countdown on a website until I go back to the US. Lame, lame, I know, but at least I'm admitting it, right? You can see it here. I chose July 11 just 'cuz I finish school at the end of June, and it'll still give me time to enjoy Paris. It's all hypothetical, of course. Maybe I'll love it here so much, I might even stay! No, just kidding. I gotta get back so I can make that mockumentary for my bro's wedding.

So yeah, two reasons I'm a chicken. I won't go into the catacombs, and I miss people! I'm going to go study now.

3 commentaires:

Ihuixochitl a dit…

aaww Elaine I'll go to the Catacombs with you! I know the Homesickie thing it sucks, but it's funny how it doesn't stick around that long woohoo!

elaine a dit…

sweet! i think i might go next week, i'll send a text message to see if you want to come.

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