dimanche 23 septembre 2007

day of rest

I'm pretty sure that there's a mosquito living in my flat, and he's a sneaky bastard biting me when I'm asleep. Not cool.

It's Sunday, and I didn't do anything cool today. I can't be living it up all the time, you guys, jeez. Some days I have to clean the floor and the kitchen and the bathroom and take out the recycling. Like today. I did do some shopping for foods since the market closes at 1 on Sundays and isn't open on Mondays. And this nice French guy who was in line ahead of me and putting his groceries in his bag--we have to bag our own groceries here--gave me my milk since it was pushed next to his groceries. It was nice. I said "merci". Walking back to my place was kind of cool 'cuz I have to navigate through all these tourists, and I sometimes here the occasional English, which was nice. There were a lot of cute 20 somethings with their girlfriends wearing cargo shorts and Ray Ban sunglasses and sporting those beards that you sometimes see at a hipster-ish bar or party. It's nice.

Weekend was pretty chill though. Participated in a scavenger hunt with the IP crew that had us go from le Jardin du Luxembourg to Place St. Sulpice to Les Invalides to St. Paul and ending at Berthillon, the famous ice cream palace on Ile St. Louis. I got a scoop of green apple and caramel, and it was DELICIOUS! The scoops were tiny compared to American size scoops, but what it lacked in size it totally made up in quality. Yum. They don't use preservatives, and it's all made in-house. I didn't take a pic though since it was melting so quickly! Then the whole crew sat beside the Seine to chill and enjoy the ice cream.

Everyone got up to leave after 10 minutes or so and get some real food to eat, but I didn't feel like eating and my friend Lou said, "You're going to sit along the Seine like a loser?" And I gave him a very "Jim Halpert" [from "The Office"--if you're a huge fan, you'd know what this looks like] kind of look and said sarcastically, "Yup. 'Cuz I'm a loser." I just enjoy little things like sitting along the Seine by myself. But we laughed about it, and we're gullies. I also brought my copy of Franny and Zooey to read. It's my favorite of all of J.D. Salinger's works, and I re-read it every year. I can't live anywhere without that book. Mom and Kuya called Saturday night, which was really nice. Thanks guys! It's funny but, I'm at a place right now where I'm not missing anyone badly, and I know that sounds mean, but it's the truth. I'm okay now. I'm pretty sure that I told them that I missed them though (did I, guys?). It's just this instant thing I say without knowing if I mean it or not. I'm sure the story'll be different come Christmas time or even as early as Thanksgiving, but we'll see. It's just that I've created a life here, a routine, and I'm occupied as hell, but that's a good thing. I'm not moping around, shutting myself in. I do though miss the English language so here are some things I come to that cheer me up:

1. Thoreau's "Walden"
2. J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey
3. Jake and Amir: Amir is hilarious!!! And he is seriously my dorky crush of the moment.
4. Trailers on Apple.com:
5. "The Office" on fanpop.com: I love this show.

Here's a list of things I have to do, in no order:
1. gather the names of all the hotel in my area to send to Mom
2. take pic of the scooter store by my place to post for kuya
3. sign up for classes (boo)

I'm going to go back to studying mes relatifs: dont, que, qui, ce qui, ce dont, etc..

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