vendredi 21 septembre 2007


Okay, why does Friday deserve an exclamation point? CUZ IT WAS THE BESTEST FRIDAY EVER! As I write this (and it's 9:30pm), loads of Parisiens are outside watching the France vs. Ireland rugby game being projected on screen in front of my church. They're cheering, "Allez! (Go!)" It's totally surreal. I've been watching a bit now and then, but I don't really understand the game. I'm sipping espresso that I JUST learned to make (thanks to Google). My landlord left me a stovetop espresso machine called a macchinetta, and it is amazing. I think I'm hooked. I'm still a tea lover, but espresso gives me an extra caffeine kick that makes sure I don't miss le metro. Also, I'm going to call my friend back in Cali around midnight (my time), so I need to stay awake.

Here's my Friday. And it may sound so mundane and normal to you, but when the setting is Paris...come on. It's going to be amazing. I woke up and went to MICEFA to take care of my carte de sejour and student card. Then I took a different way home, finding all sorts of new graffiti, but I didn't bring my cam. Dang. I found a boulangerie by my place that sells smaller baguettes for cheaper, which are great since I can just eat it in a day, and it'll still be good. Then I found another outdoor market, Place Monge. I browsed around, and it was pretty cool.
I went home to get ready for class, and from my window I can hear a marching band. I peered out and saw a band of students wearing outrageous clothing. They were playing the tetris theme song! It was so cool I went outside with my cam and took pictures and filmed them. Then I got ready for class, which was okay. I kept making beaucoup de fautes, but now I know what I really need to study.

Afterwards, Keisha wanted to show me this thrift store. She had told me that the place was a mess, but, oh gosh, she wasn't kidding. Imagine piles of clothing 4 feet high. I KID YOU NOT. You had to DIG through everything. It was absolute chaos, and totally lovely. I didn't get anything, but Keisha bought two scarves. We waited for Lucia, and she said she got a haircut, and we were excited to see it. Keisha and I were walking, when we see Lucia 100 feet away, and our jaws dropped and we literally stopped in our tracks. She looked so amazing with her new haircut. Her hair is long, below the shoulders, and now it was layered and amazing. She's a total knockout!

We were discussing what to do for dinner. One of us suggested buying a roasted chicken at a boucherie and some salad at the Franprix (that's my supermarket). I suggested a boucherie by my place. The three of us were eyeing the roasted chickens, and we got one. Here's how it went:

Keisha: Un poulet roti, s'il vous plait.
Boucher: Un poulet entre trois filles? C'est triste! [One chicken among three girls? That's sad!] (Laughs)
Keisha, Lucia, et moi: Hahahaha...

It was so hilarious, what he said. I guess because it was a Friday night, and he assumed that it was just us eating and no guys and so forth...I cracked up so hard. He was nice, I think I might go there again. I went back to my place to set the table and get my place ready while Keisha bought rice, salad and white wine; and Lucia bought dessert. Each of us spent around 7 euros, which is pretty cheap for a full dinner including wine and dessert. I swear, it was the BEST dinner ever because it was a full meal for all of us. We were savoring everything like it was our last meal or something. Living here has made me appreciate how easy I have it in America cuz I just take things like a nice, roasted chicken in the States for granted since it's so cheap and available. When things are expensive and rare, once you have it, it's so special.We talked for an hour or so, really enjoying our meal. Outside a band was playing songs live, and I could see my landlord dancing. Such a cool sight. With a full tummy, lots of laughs, live music outside your, that's an amazing Friday.

Roasted Chicken a la taragon
Roasted Potatoes
White wine: Vin D'Alsasce, Pinot Gris
Dessert: Vanille ice cream with caramel and pecans

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