dimanche 16 septembre 2007

indian summer at the Luxembourg gardens

It's rare for it to be so sunny and beautiful and warm in Paris this time of year, but while it is, our academic advisor Nancy told us, we might as well soak it up and enjoy it.

It was gorgeous Sunday. This past weekend was the Les Journees du Patrimoine, and a lot of state monuments and buildings that are never open to the public open their doors for all of Paris to visit. Keisha, Lucia, and I went to the Palais du Luxembourg in the 5th arrondisement. It was absolutely amazing. We went inside the chamber were the Senate meets, their library, as well as many of the other rooms. It was so cool to see where everything goes down. I'm not much of a political person, but I love being surrounded by history. It makes me want to visit my own capital, Washington D.C. Here's the chamber were the Senate meets:
We got lunch and brought it Luxembourg gardens where everyone else was picnicing and enjoying the sunshine. Children were out sailing boats in the huge fountain. It was nice. I've never seen so many people outside taking it easy. Back home, a picnic is such a huge, rare treat with something behind it like a birthday. Here, they just do it for fun.

Went to L'Opera Garnier today before class, and it was AMAZING! Probably my most favorite of all the places I have been to since my arrival. I don't know if anything will ever top that. I'll post about it later, 'cuz I haven't uploaded the photos yet. That place is abolutely STUNNING.

As I've probably written before, I love lists of things.

Things that are in my fridge:
1. Milk: milk is pretty good here, and for some strange reason, my tummy can tolerate it. Back home, I drink Lactaid.
2. Cheese: The tummy can tolerate that too.
3. Sangria: My landlord made it for a party he had here a couple weeks ago, and it's still good. He let me have it.
4. Salad and salad dressing: my main meal with crackers and number 5.
5. Hummus: Always good to have. See number 4.
6. Yogurt: So much better here than the yogurt in the states for some reason. And okay for tummy.
7. Juice: it comes in small cartons here, the size of half and half cartons in the States. And it's expensive.
8. Pasta sauce: Comes in small jars, a third of the size of pasta sauce jars in the States.

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