jeudi 27 septembre 2007

cultural adaptation and film

We had our last cultural adaptation class. It was a really helpful class, giving us insight into French culture, politics, school systems, and so forth and helping us deal with adapting into French life. What interests me, and what was brought up during our last class, is the way children are raised here. They're seen as the extension of the parent, and not as individuals. So if they're good, they're bien eleve--well raised. They're also taught to be "seen not heard". So, at a dinner party, they wouldn't be loud or the center of attention. They'd be reading or playing while the adults talked. A lot of great films, among other things, come out of France, and it's partly due to these people who cultivated such great imaginations and story ideas from childhood on. I don't think that Delicatessen could have come out of the States.

I totally connect with this sort of upbringing. I guess it's because I was a shy kid and loved to read and daydream, but I don't know if I could come up with something like Delicatessen. I really don't.

Anyway, it's been raining all day, and I really like it. Maybe after a couple more months of rain, I'll start hating it, but I'll definitely let you know once I hate it. I went on a walking tour with Kathy and Morgan, despite the rain, and it was nice. I didn't take pictures though. But I did get a picture of this while waiting at a station for Keisha a couple nights back:It's a film reel in an escalator thingy. So cool!!! Only in Paris. They were at this station:While waiting at the station, I checked out this cool walkway that goes over the trains. It seems like an awesome place for a scene in a film. I'm thinking about making a short--come on, I'm a film major in Paris--and incorporating this setting in at least one scene. I have to shoot at least one movie while I'm here, even if it's not for school.

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